TherapyAppointment EMR

TherapyAppointment EMR is a web-based software planned for mental health practices. This solution best fulfills the requirements of small-to-midsize medical practices to automate workflow. 

The robust EMR solution enables professionals to make meeting documentation, record clinical medicines, document protection guarantees electronically, archive clients' safeguarded wellbeing data, process charge cards, and send/get fax to/from referral sources. 

TherapyAppointment can also work with other modules that the organization offers, such as those for scheduling patients, medical billing, managing insurance claims, and managing mental health. 

The solution is HIPAA-compliant and Meaningful Use certified. In addition, it upholds Medicare PQRS reports and offers free ERA posting. 

Key Features 

The solution allows clinicians to set up a self-service portal for patients. This portal empowers patients to book appointments and pay online fees quickly. The portal also allows providers and practice staff to upload images and documents, set privacy on files and folders, and even share patient records. 

Appointments and Scheduling 

Appointments allow practices to use paperless clinical methods in tandem with online record storage. 

It has an autopilot feature that gives ongoing data connected with patient appointments. Every appointment contains the patient, date, time, area, clinician, CPT code, updates, notes, and copays. It also sends robotized arrangement updates through calls or instant messages. 

Customizable templates 

It likewise includes customizable templates that can be adjusted to work processes of different types and help clinicians customize what they need. It saves practitioners valuable time, which they can then use to give their patients better medical care. 

Plans and notes 

Therapy Appointment offers a basic editor to create new, simple forms from scratch. You can use text, bullets, and lists to make documents and notes with this feature.

TherapyAppointment Pricing  

This solution provides three plans. Getting Started, Gearing Up, and Establishing a Plan The first one costs $10 per month, or fewer appointments per month. The Gearing Up plan costs $39 per month 11–39 appointments/month the established plan costs $59 per month with unlimited appointments. It offers a 30-day free trial of this solution. 

TherapyAppointment Demo 

To get the TherapyAppointment Demo, let us know by clicking the 'Watch Demo’. .

TherapyAppointment  Reviews 

According to user reviews, this software is straightforward for receptionists and advisors to plan new and existing arrangements. It delivers what's accessible for the day without showing the whole schedule. This solution makes it simple to drop accounts or find any client that might be planned for that day. It's likewise simple to speak with your inward group with messages. However, for numerous suppliers, you can go to that patient chart when you utilize the one next to the other to search for a client name. Likewise, the posting screen is hard to read. It's not satisfying outwardly, and there should be an email notice for the messages. It may be better with a more contemporary look and notices for specific things.

Our Opinion 

We suggests that if you are a small to mid-sized mental health practice care center and are looking for a cloud-based sound EMR system that can be customized to your specific work process, then, at that point, this may very well be the solution. You want it? In the end, software selection depends on the requirements of practitioners and clinics.

TherapyAppointment EMR Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is TherapyAppointment software free?

No, but it offers a 30 day free trial.

What are the pricing plans of TherapyAppointment EHR?

TherapyAppointment EHR offers 3 tier pricing plans for its customers.

  1. Getting Started at $10/ month for 10 or fewer appointments/month
  2. Gearing Up at $39/ month for 11-39 appointments/month
  3. Established at $59 / month for unlimited appointments

What is the implementation process of TherapyAppointment EMR software?

1. Assess Practice Needs 

2. Choose an EMR System 

3. Analyze EMR Costs 

4. Certification Requirements 

5. Testing and Customization 

6. Training and Education 

7. Go-Live 

8. Post Implementation Evaluation 

Who are the main users of TherapyAppointment EHR?

TherapyAppointment has the following typical customers:

Freelancers, Small Business

TherapyAppointment EMR Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

TherapyAppointment EMR reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews


David W.

Mental Health Care

11-50 Self-employed

January 2023

TherapyNotes is the best software for Mental Health Care!

I have been using TherapyNotes for a few months now and I'm extremely satisfied with it. It's a great tool that simplifies my workflow and makes managing my practice super easy. The patient portal feature is a great addition that enables me to connect and interact with patients quickly and securely.

The pricing plan can be a bit expensive for some users and doesn't offer enough flexibility. Also, I would like to see a few more features that could help with billing and scheduling appointments. For example, a feature to automatically transfer patient information from one appointment to the next would be great.

Crista N.

Mental Healthcare

1-10 Employees

November 2022

It has helped me run a private practice

I’ve found TherapyAppointment to be a very efficient solution to manage my medical practice. It takes care of my billing, scheduling, and note-taking, which has greatly reduced my load in running my practice. It keeps me organized and runs smoothly on its own. Ever since I have moved to this digital solution, I only use paper occasionally to relive the nostalgia. Otherwise, there's no need to use paper in my practice at all! My clients are likewise happy with the features available to them.

If they had given an option to modify users’ information, I could save a lot of time. This improvement would allow my clients to complete all paperwork online instead of printing it. And they would have loved to do so on their own. I also wish attachments could be linked to emails from within the system. I think documents’ sharing options can also be improved, which would ideally allow them to be faxed to anyone.

Triss K.

Hospital & Healthcare

11-50 Employees

November 2022

Excellent customer support system

I was told that the customer support is reachable via email, and that is actually true! It is very surprising how efficient the team is, even on emails. They almost immediately respond with a fix and my problem is solved within 1-2 emails. What's great is that I don't have to pay anything extra for email/call support. It also saved credit/debit cards’ information securely for easy payment. My biller had no trouble logging in and working remotely from her office in another city. And if she faces any problems, she can just reach out to the customer support herself.

I would have loved it if I could just click on an appointment entry and see its details in a pop up box, without actually opening every appointment scheduled for the day. The patient site is extremely difficult for patients to navigate, so having them self-register is out of the question for me. There is no option to mark certain fields mandatory, which means anyone can create an incomplete account, leaving out crucial information. In the end, we’ve had to personally call the clients to get the remaining information, which has been a hassle for us.

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