TotalMD EHR Software

What is TotalMD? 


TotalMD is a practice management software and medical billing software. It offers both on-premise and cloud-based EHR specifically designed to be affordable for growing practices. TotalMD software improves clinical efficiency and workflow. It also helps to access reporting tools and provides an efficient patient dashboard. 

TotalMD offers integrated features that enable you to manage your practice or billing service and enhance profitability. These features include e-claim service, patient scheduling, a financial reporting system, and EMR integration. 

What is TotalMD best for? 

TotalMD is best known for being user-friendly, as all patient information is conveniently available on one screen. This feature eliminates the need to navigate through multiple tabs. Additionally, inputting patient information is a simple process with TotalMD software.  

With TotalMD, billing services are worth appreciating as the software allows you to make changes even if a certain claim has been sent. It is an overall easy software to enhance and improve billing service at your practice, making it quick and error-free. 

TotalMD Pricing 

TotalMD offers two pricing plans based on in-office and cloud-based services.  

  • The pricing for the in-office plan starts from $139 per month.  
  • The cloud-based subscription starts from $129 per month. However, there are multiple plans available based on the number of users.  

 For more information, scroll down to see the pricing breakdown table or click the Get Pricing button. 

TotalMD Integrations 

TotalMD integrates with the following third-party applications: 

  • Praxis EHR  
  • Amazing Charts  
  • Demandforce 
  • BillFlash 
  • Spring Charts 

How does TotalMD work? 

Here are some short steps to get started with TotalMD software: 

  • Install the software on your computer  
  • Choose a suitable plan that suits your practice's needs. 
  • Set up your practice's information in the software 
  • Add your patients' information 
  • Train your staff to use the software 
  • Begin using TotalMD for your day-to-day practice operations 
  • Continuously evaluate and optimize your use of TotalMD 

If you wish to get more information, you can schedule a free demo by clicking the Watch Demo button above. 

Who is TotalMD for? 

TotalMD aims to provide an affordable all-in-one solution to effectively manage workflow and billing. The software caters to the following: 

  • Medical Billers  
  • Payers 
  • Hospitals 
  • Clinics  
  • Solo Practices 

TotalMD can increase the profitability of independent practices and medical billers of all sizes. 

TotalMD Features 

  • E-Prescribing 
    TotalMD's E-prescribing feature allows healthcare providers to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacies, saving time and reducing errors of paper-based prescriptions.  
    With this feature, providers can access a patient's medication history, check for drug interactions, and send prescriptions directly to the patient's preferred pharmacy. The software solution allows keeping tabs on patient history with the help of e-prescriptions. 
  • Telehealth 
    Telehealth allows healthcare providers to conduct virtual appointments with patients via video or phone. With this feature, providers can diagnose and treat patients remotely, making it easier for patients to receive care without traveling to a healthcare facility.  
    TotalMD provides secure messaging and file-sharing capabilities to enhance communication between patients and providers. Users can access electronic medical records and patient charts to track changes in all the patient information. 
  • Task Management 
  • TotalMD's Task Management feature provides healthcare providers a centralized system for managing their daily tasks and responsibilities. With this feature, providers can create and assign tasks to themselves or other staff members, track progress, and set deadlines.
    This feature also integrates with the TotalMD calendar and messaging system, allowing providers to receive real-time notifications and communicate with staff members. 
  • E-Faxing 
    E-Faxing allows healthcare providers to send and receive faxes electronically, eliminating the need for a traditional fax machine. With this feature, providers can send or receive faxes directly from TotalMD and attach documents to each fax. E-Faxing is also HIPAA-compliant, ensuring patient information remains secure. 
  • Comprehensive Ledger 
    TotalMD EHR software offers a comprehensive ledger feature that provides a detailed view of financial transactions and accounts. This feature lets providers track expenses, view detailed account information, and also manage billing services.  
    Comprehensive Ledger also helps generate reports to analyze financial performance. It is also integrated with the TotalMD medical billing and claims management system. 
  • Secure Messaging 
    TotalMD's Secure Messaging allows healthcare providers to communicate securely with other providers, staff members, and patients. This feature allows providers to securely send or receive messages, attach files, and share patient information.  
    The Secure Messaging feature integrates with TotalMD EHR, allowing providers to access patient information directly from their messaging platform. 

Is TotalMD Right for You? 

TotalMD EHR software is an ideal option for practice management and billing services. It's particularly beneficial for smaller practices that seek an all-in-one solution. With TotalMD, healthcare providers can handle payments, book patient appointments, and utilize reporting tools. 

It is important for a practice to have an EHR that optimizes workflow and enhances patient care. In these aspects, TotalMD could be a suitable choice for your practice. Schedule a demo by clicking the Watch Demo button above for more assistance. 

TotalMD Pricing 

TotalMD Software offers customized pricing based on users and specialty. Click here to get a custom quote.

  • Subscription
  • Ideal for
  • Features


139 / month
  • Unlimited support (phone, email, appointment).
  • Free software upgrades and training (3 hrs).
  • Practice management (scheduling, billing, payments, reports).
  • Appointment Book Pro (custom scheduling views, templates).
  • TotalMD Document Center (scan, store, e-sign).
  • Up to 10 software licenses per location.

Premium Bundle

278 / month
More than one user.
  • TotalMD In-Office features + 1 e-Rx license.
  • TotalMD Communicator (texting, mass emails, online scheduler, recall system, reviews).
  • Patient Kiosk (new patient registration). *(for one provider)

Cloud Software

129 / month
First User
  • Software for managing your practice's schedule, billing, and generating reports.
  • Electronic storage solution for your documents.
  • Support services.

Cloud Software

99 / month
2-9 users
  • Software for managing your practice's schedule, billing, and generating reports.
  • Electronic storage solution for your documents.
  • Support services.

Cloud Software

69 / month
30-49 users
  • Software for managing your practice's schedule, billing, and generating reports.
  • Electronic storage solution for your documents.
  • Support services.

TotalMD EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • A built-in billing system
  • Offers technical support and training
  • Manages patient records efficiently
  • Allows advanced scheduling


  • Financial reporting needs to be more comprehensive
  • The interface can be improved

Today's most popular FAQs

Does TotalMD work on a Mac?

TotalMD Cloud works on a Mac (and/or PC), while the regular version of TotalMD does not run on a Mac operating system; however, you can certainly use the regular version of TotalMD on a Mac by either running dual boot or parallels.

How long has the company been in business?

TotalMD software was founded in 2008 by the former head developer of Medisoft and the former sales and marketing director of Lytec Systems.

How much does TotalMD cost?

The price for TotalMD software starts at $139/ month/ location.

Is TotalMD Software cloud-based?

Yes, TotalMD is cloud-based.

What are the main features of TotalMD?

Main features of TotalMD software include:


2. e-Prescribing

3. Patient Portal

4. Compliance Tracking

5. Practice management

6. Appointment Scheduling

7. Telemedicine Software

8. Appointment Reminders

9. Reporting and Analytics

10. Medical billing service

What level of support does TotalMD Software offer?

The software offers the following options for support: e-mail and phone.

Who are the main users of TotalMD?

TotalMD software has the following users: Independent Practices, Small Businesses, Mid-Sized Businesses, and Large Enterprises.

TotalMD EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

28 Reviews


Parker Brady



May 2022

simple and functional

I like how easily accessible their support staff is. They are friendly and willing to help you through any issue in a manner. The software has a powerful billing system. It has all the functions and features of a large organization billing system and provides comprehensive reports. overall, all functions run seamlessly in totaled.

I love their billing system but it refuses to deal with secondary claims. The first level of support doesn’t have all the information and the features are not specific to our needs. Although second level support is amazing.




May 2022

a good cost-effective investment

I like the ease TotalMD EHR offers. Navigating the software and getting tasks done takes very little time and effort. I have used many EMR software over the years but none provided service as good at a price so reasonable as this one.

In the beginning, there were a lot of glitches but this thing has been fixed as they introduced newer updates. we no longer face any major issues with the system’s working.




March 2019

Great layout. Amazing support

TotalMD offers utmost ease of use and a comprehensive layout designed to cut down on day-to-day tasks. The tech assisting staff is highly efficient and great at their job. The company provides awesome training with all basis covered. Using the system after it is a breeze. Billing system and support are great. Helps us run a smooth practice.

There are very little problems with this software. Although, it would be great if they could remove the additional screen pop up of the same patient history when we are transferring it to the ledger to the other account.

Preston Edwin



March 2019

Support needs improvements

TotalMD is a straight-forward and easy to use EMR service. The software has an array of functionalities to offer at a cost very reasonable compared to other competitors on the market. There is a considerable number of opportunities for customization. Appointments and schedules are very easily created and managed.

Their customer support isn’t the most efficient and accessible. There have been so many instances when reporting was a pain due to glitches. But having to deal with the support is a whole another trouble as they work on a different timeline and we have to wait until they are open for service.


G. Anesthesia, PLLC

2-10 employees

December 2018

Fantastic service from a great company

My experience with TotalMD has been great the system is very easy to learn to operate. The interface is simple and user-friendly. Their entire staff is brilliant. My experience with them from the very beginning has been great. My first sales representative to any customer service operator, they are extremely pleasant and helpful. Always responsive and eager to assist you with any issue you may be facing

There are as such no problems with the system. Only, they do not allow me to send out claims from their clearinghouse and I am required to use a separate one each time. Which is a little troublesome.




December 2018

Poor billing module

The system is well designed with some great features and functions. This is amazing because the asking price is incredibly reasonable. Although, there are some areas that could use some tweaking.

the EHR part works fine but claims denial conversions take a long time which is a problem. Not the most intuitive as even simple tasks like retrieving reports from patient records take a lot of clicks and steps. Wouldn't recommend to billing companies.


Healing Ground LLC

2-10 employees

December 2018

Super Amazing

Their customer service is super friendly. The customer service representative that is assigned to us is really awesome, she answered all of the questions that I had. It was so easy to switch from the previous EMR to TotalMD. This product is really great for us and comes at an affordable price, especially when we are a small business.

If they could give a manual with the system that would be great, so that when you face a problem you don’t have to call the tech team again and again, bugging them. Although the tech team is really great and has always sorted out all my issues on the phone.


DT Medical Billing


November 2018

Good Software

The software is great, as it is easy to use, plus the customer service is great as well.

A few times it gets really hard to know where you're typing while entering the account number as the cursor disappears.

Julia Hampton



November 2018


It’s a pretty decent service considering the low prices they charge for it. we are a Billing Service and totaled provides us with the right tools. the company is very responsive to our requests for support and the suggestions for product improvement.

Secondary claims aren’t processed in this billing system which is a bit of a nuisance. First level support is inadequate however the second level is decent.


East Valley Counseling Associates

2-10 employees

October 2018

Extremely user-friendly. Love the features

The software has no extensive learning period which makes it very easy to use for users with all expertise levels and ages. Their staff is amazing. The sales representatives were super friendly and kind. Their support staff is easily accessible and always willing to understand your issues to help resolve them. All the features are intuitive. I love how efficient TotalMD has made my practice.

I have not encountered any fault or error with this software so far. I am completely satisfied with its performance and would recommend other clinics to use it too.

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