TriMed Complete

TriMed is a comprehensive medical software solution that includes electronic health records, patient engagement, practice management, and telemedicine functionalities within a unified interface. The digital platform offers customizable solutions that adjust seamlessly to a practice’s existing workflows. It comes with a variety of useful features, such as a patient portal, a digital check-in module, appointment scheduling, electronic prescribing, compliance tracking, voice recognition, and more.

The application offers a comprehensive suite of practice management solutions that help users streamline day-to-day operations, optimize workflow efficiency, and reduce redundant paperwork. Its template-driven interface creates consistency regarding patient notes to simplify the entire patient charting process. Healthcare providers can also leverage the integrated e-prescribing solution to securely prescribe medications and ensure patient safety.

Moreover, TriMed EHR software offers actionable insights into daily practice operations to let users increase revenue and review practice performance and growth. Its patient engagement tools improve healthcare outcomes while enabling patients to participate more actively throughout their care process.

Key Features 

Practice Management 

TriMed's medical system comes with a robust suite of practice management solutions that enable users to handle a variety of daily tasks, such as scheduling, patient charting, medication prescribing, revenue management, and more. It helps practices reduce administrative burdens, optimize efficiency, and increase revenue without sacrificing the quality of care.

Patient Engagement 

The application's bi-directional patient engagement tools provide transparent views of healthcare treatment plans, increasing communication and trust with healthcare providers. It also offers electronic confirmations, online bookings, and check-in processes to reduce patient no-shows and increase practice efficiency.

Revenue Cycle Management 

TriMed Software offers powerful RCM features that let healthcare organizations maximize their revenue while ensuring timely reimbursements. Patients can easily create payment plans and consolidate all of their billing details into a centralized interface.

TriMed Pricing 

The TriMed EHR software cost structure is based on the standard subscription-based model. Further, the subscription cost for the vendor’s basic plan starts at $589.00 per month.
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TriMed Reviews 

TriMed medical software has received positive ratings. Many reviewers love the robust workflow automation features offered by TriMed and find that the reporting options allow them to gain greater transparency into patient data.
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TriMed Demo 

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Our Thoughts

TriMed is an integrated medical software solution that offers a user-friendly interface for streamlined workflows, patient health record management, and an optimized billing cycle. We recommend you opt for the program’s demo version to determine if it matches your practice’s specific requirements.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does TriMed Software offer a free trial?

TriMed does offer a free trial for the software.

What is the implementation process for TriMed Software?

TriMed strives to solve time, money, and risk issues in order to improve patient care and the profitability of your clinic. Because no medical practice, facility, or office is the same, tailored solutions are required for each application, use, and implementation. TriMed's custom software suite includes Electronic Health Records (EHR), Patient Portal, Telemedicine, Digital Check-In Module, E-prescribing, Mobile apps, Practice Management & Medical Billing, and Analytic Reporting.

Which languages does TriMed software support?

TriMed software is only supported in English (U.S. English).

Who are the main users of TriMed software?

TriMed software's typical customers are freelancers, large enterprises, mid-size businesses, and small businesses.

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