UnifiMD EMR Software

What Is UnifiMD EMR Software?  


Whether running a solo practice or a large multi-provider one, a personalized electronic medical record (EMR) system is essential for success. UnifiMD offers clinical tools to unify all roles in your practice, presenting patient chart summary views and physician/practice dashboards that improve clinical care and enhance the patient experience. UnifiMD's EMR system also provides features such as electronic prescribing, patient portals, and HIE integrations that help keep your practice updated with industry trends and provide real-time access to patient information. 

What Is UnifiMD EMR Best/Known For? 

UnifiMD EMR is known for being an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system designed by providers for providers. The system's personalized screens are tailored to meet the user's workflow, which can help improve healthcare delivery and reduce stress in the office. Additionally, UnifiMD EMR is known for its affordability, with fair and reasonable pricing that does not break the bank. The system is also certified, and the company manages its development to meet all regulatory requirements and update customers accordingly. 

UnifiMD EMR Pricing 

The vendor offers customized quotes for their various services. Click the "Get Pricing" button to get a price specifically catered to your requirements. 

UnifiMD EMR Integrations 

The vendor does not specify which third-party software can be integrated with its EMR software. That said, they do offer PDMP and HIE integrations. 

How Does UnifiMD EMR Work?  

The following guide will tell you about the various sections you can use on the homepage of UnifiMD to get started: 

  1. Sign in to the portal using your credentials. 
  2. The homepage will contain a notification area, unsigned notes, a schedule, pending invoices, and daily tasks. 
  3. Notification Area: Manage messages, faxes, refill requests, and monitor lab results. 
  4. Unsigned Notes: Monitor unsigned visitor notes and documents. 
  5. Schedule: Monitor visitors for the day and see their status, the reason for the visit, and any other intake notes. 
  6. Pending Superbills: Unbilled visits are automatically flagged in the system, and you can review and correct them as needed. 
  7. Daily Tasks: Reroute tasks to other staff members, organize tasks by priority, and assign them to the care team. 

If you'd like a more in-depth walkthrough, click the "Watch Demo" button. 

Who Is UnifiMD EMR For? 

Whether you are running a food and allergy treatment center or a family podiatry practice, UnifiMD EMR software can be adapted to fit your organization's specific needs. 

The software is designed with user-friendly features that are simple to use for all members of your organization. It is ideal for practices of any size, from solo practitioners to large multi-provider practices. 

UnifiMD EMR Features   

The following are UnifiMD features that can help simplify daily workflows and keep your practice up to date: 

  • Electronic Prescribing 
    The medication management system provides a comprehensive solution for electronic prescribing. Its features include predictive analytics, clinical alerts, medication adherence monitoring and behavioral support, electronic prior authorizations, and a real-time prescription drug benefit check. 
    In addition to providing access to medication history data, it also integrates with PDMP and supports legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing (EPCS). UnifiMD also offers users a personalized look and feel to enhance their experience. 
  • Patient Engagement, Portal And Telehealth Visits 
    Maintain effective communication with your patients through patient engagement tools. These tools enable you to perform routine and on-demand tasks to keep patients informed and engaged in their healthcare. 
    The patient engagement tools include appointment reminders, secure clinical messaging, electronic form processing, telehealth video and voice visits from within a patient chart, and a patient billing and payment platform. Utilizing these tools ensures that your patients receive the best possible care and are well informed and engaged in their healthcare experience. 
  • Electronic Labs, Registries And HIE Integrations 
    The innovative clinical interfacing technology lets you stay connected with your preferred labs, hospitals, HIE and Registries. Data is exchanged securely and reliably for improved patient safety. Advanced features such as trending of data points for comparison against previous results, task assignment, alerts on abnormal values, and reporting further optimize care delivery. 
  • Document Management, Scanning, Faxing. Email And Secure Messaging 
    Streamline your healthcare operations with our secure and reliable document management platform, integrating scanning, faxing, email, and portal capabilities. Our comprehensive system allows easy access to review and edit documents, making filing and recall effortless. 

Is UnifiMD EMR Right for You? 

If you are looking for an EMR that not only helps you streamline your practice but also helps you deliver better care, UnifiMD EMR is the right choice for you. It offers comprehensive features designed to make your practice run smoother and more efficiently. With its intuitive interface, easy-to-use features, powerful integration capabilities, and customer support, UnifiMD EMR is a great choice. 

If you would like to learn more about ONC-certified EMR and its features, check out UnifiMD reviews and demos. 

UnifiMD EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service


  • Real-time access to patient information
  • Electronic prescribing and lab integrations
  • Intuitive design and workflow


  • Limited/ Third-party software integrations are not specified

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does UnifiMD EMR Software cost?

If you want a price tailored to your needs, simply click the "Get Pricing" button! The vendor offers personalized quotes for every service they provide.

Is UnifiMD EMR Software cloud-based? 

Yes, UnifiMD EMR software is cloud-based. This allows you to securely access and manage your data from anywhere, anytime.

What are the main features of UnifiMD EMR Software?

The main features of UnifiMD EMR Software can be summarized as electronic prescribing, patient portals, electronic labs, and document management.

What level of support does UnifiMD EMR Software have?

UnifiMD offers a live chat feature on its website. You can also reach them via email or call them for assistance.

Who are the main users of UnifiMD EMR Software?

The main users of UnifiMD EMR Software are healthcare practices of any size, from solo practitioners to large multi-provider practices.

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UnifiMD EMR Software reviews

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Good software, not so complex like competitors.

Customer service should improve.

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