uniwide HIMS

Uniwide is an on-premise hospital information system that assists hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers in managing administrative activities. The software is designed to serves all sizes of medical enterprises.  

It provides many hospital management modules for various functionalities. The business process module of uniwide assists users in understanding and updating their organizational operations. Moreover, the analytics and business intelligence modules assist in extracting insights from data. 

All aspects of a medical facility's operations are automated using Uniwide HIMS software. Functions such as accounting integration, patient records management, in-patient management, out-patient management, and inventory management are provided by the software system. This allows both clinicians and patients to find essential medical records and data in under a minute. The software assists hospital managers, physicians, and administrative personnel in keeping track of all data of hospital's numerous departments. 

Key Features 

In-patient Management System  

Uniwide HIMS is a comprehensive management system that allows users to produce electronic claims and billing statements for the in-patients residing in the facility. The software also includes the claims based on patient visits. It enables staff to consult visitor entries, allocate beds, record clinical data, build financial arrangements, and much more. Therefore, practitioners get assistance with this software in a timely and effective manner.  

Pharmacy with Inventory  

The software streamlines every aspect of the medical center. The system also includes a database of all pharmaceutical goods, allowing users to monitor all products' incoming and outgoing flux. The pharmacy module oversees the retail sale of medicines to OPD patients and also manages the supply of medications to hospital inpatients.  

Staff Payroll & Billing System  

Practice management may use HIMS software to supervise and manage employee salaries, payroll, pay slips, registers, leave registers, and overtime reports. The module also keeps track of employees’ performance, their paid leaves, or unpaid vacations, and uses the information for the practice’s benefit.  

Uniwide HIMS Demo 

Click on the “Get Demo” tab above to request a Uniwide demo and get a walkthrough of the software’s functionalities. The comprehensive demo may assist you in evaluating the software’s feasibility for your medical practice. 

Uniwide HIMS Pricing 

The price structure of Uniwide HIMS is based on a one-time subscription. The package comes with different management platforms like IPD, OPD, and warehouse management. Details about the software’s cost are not available on the vendor's website. Click on the “Get Pricing” tab above to get Uniwide pricing details.   

Uniwide HIMS Reviews 

According to the reviewers, the software is user-friendly for physicians, nurses, and other health practitioners. It assists them with checking their schedules and keeps accurate patient records. The system is adaptable, easy to use, and may be used in numerous locations within the corporation. However, the BI dashboard is not informative as expected and the graph representations are somewhat complex to understand. 

Our Thoughts 

Uniwide (HIMS) hospital information system is a robust software that helps hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers computerize their operations and streamline all departmental procedures in a systematic manner. All in all, the software is an excellent tool to enhance the efficiency of any medical practice. The free demo option above may also help you make an informed decision about investing in this software.

Today's most popular FAQs

What is the implementation process of the UniWide HIMS software?

The software offers a free demo, which will outline how to use the software.

What is Uniwide software used for?

Hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities that use Uniwide can better handle their administrative procedures on-site.

Which languages does the UniWide HIMS software support?

UniWide HIMS currently only supports the English language.

Who are the main users of the Uniwide HIMS software?

It is used by medical practitioners, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.

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uniwide HIMS reviews

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