UroChart EHR Software

UroChart electronic health records (EHR) software was developed by IntrinsiQ with urologists in mind. Since the program automates routine procedures, doctors are free to devote more time and energy to focusing on patients, growing their practice and increasing revenue.  

The software was created by a urologist specifically for the needs of urology peers.

Top Features

User-friendly Interface 

UroChart EMR stands out among its competitors mainly on account of its user-friendly interface, which is both straightforward and cutting-edge in its design. Furthermore, the navigation system is speedy and simple to use, and it supports touchscreens. 

According to Urochart reviews, after logging in, customers may view a timeline that includes important data such as patient graphs displayed in chronological order as well as notes and reports that can be viewed by a large number of people. 

Remote Access 

When the world was in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, patient care was more complicated than ever. In the present (and future) climate, therefore, it is essential for all medical facilities to have a system in place that facilitates the use of telemedicine in the delivery of treatment to patients located in different locations. 

HIPAA-compliant and safe, UroChart EHR software enables snap, online doctor-patient communication. The quality of remote medical care rendered, further, can be enhanced via the use of the interface’s video conferencing feature as well as through the establishment of simultaneous connections with both patients and other medical professionals. 

Electronic Prescription 

Prescribing pharmaceuticals to patients can be difficult, especially when dealing with controlled substances. The utility’s prescription tool, as such (and in acceptance of the importance of this function), is often highlighted as a prominent feature in several UroChart reviews. The program also employs ECPS to curb the abuse of these pharmaceutical agents as well as the possibility of fraudulent prescriptions. 

In addition, ECPS allows you to centralize patient drug records, which reduces the likelihood of mistakes being made when prescriptions are filled. As a complement to protecting you and your patients, the app also lets you keep tabs on all of your interactions. 

Mobile App 

UroChart operates on the working principle of there being no justification for medical professionals to keep patient data in-house. Therefore, the EHR has a mobile app that lets clinicians check all of their schedules at once and get immediate access to patient data. 

The app facilitates two-way communication with primary care physicians, permits private review of patient records, and interaction with the main system to ensure that all updates are promptly reflected in both. This ensures that everyone using the system always has access to the latest data. 

Urochart EHR Price 

Users interested in learning more about the Urochart EMR cost need to get in touch with the provider directly. To get a price estimate, please click the ‘Get Pricing’ button above/on this page.

Product Advantages 

  • UroChart's simple and contemporary UI makes it a ‘joy to use’ 

  • It is user-friendly and easy to get around on 

  • Preconfigured urology-oriented editable templates are available. 

  • This program is available on the web, so you can use it remotely. 

Product Limitations 

Businesses have frequently complained about their UroChart EMR subscription slowing down, crashing, and halting. Although this problem was noted by many reviewers, other programs, to put the matter fairly, are also prone to this issue. 

UroChart EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

What is UroChart?

UroChart EHR is a urology-specific EHR designed to help you save time and money. UroChart was created by a urologist believing that urology-specific platforms result in improved clinical outcomes.

What software do most medical offices use?

Most medical offices utilize electronic health record (EHR) software to streamline their clinical, administrative, and financial workflow.

Which is the best software for Urology?

UroChart is the best software for Urology.

UroChart EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews




2-10 employees

January 2023

Fun to use

The software has a nice simple interface which is fun to use.

The software sometimes slows down.


Medical Practice

1-10 employees

December 2022

Best-in-class telehealth features

Urochart is best at offering stable telehealth features. We have a lot of doctors onboard with us, but we don't have to bear the extra costs of keeping them in the clinic every day. This has saved us huge sums of money over the years, and our patients have been generally happy since they don't have to travel while sick to get the care they need. It also has a long list of templates (I have used around 30 so far), which are more than enough for your everyday work like prescribing and note-taking. It is a good offering at an affordable price.

They offer live updates, which is great since you don't have to stop the work if they need to fix something. But the live updates are too frequent, which results in random slowdowns during working hours. They need to schedule them during our non-active times so that it doesn't intrude as much. The templates are usually enough, but if you have to make your own, there aren't many customization options available. They should improve this and make it a little easier for everyone to do it.


Medical practice

11-50 employees

November 2022

Outstanding telehealth application, but it needs to improve customer support.

I have found that while the software doesn't offer many customization options, it is still very flexible. It has adapted to our practice rather than forcing us to change our ways to implement it in our system. The level of access it offers is unmatched, and we can control who can access it from what device. UroChart helps us provide our patients with the same level of care that we would be able to provide in the clinic. It churns out great, detailed reports that make developing treatment plans easier.

It doesn't occur often, but the system has crashed on us on occasion. usually after new updates, as we have observed. And generally, customer support is working fine with normal issues that occur rarely. Anything a bit more technical, and their agent sounds stumped. And it's not like there is someone else present that they can refer me to. It's them or nothing. I have had to google a solution and find stuff from the forums on my own.


Crawford Rinoplasty


September 2021

We can make appointments and send the reports

UroChart software is an EHR software that aims to cater the needs of urology practitioners. It consists of robust features like touch screen interface, easy navigation system, chronologically graph patient's data, internet access and request prescription refills.

No drawbacks.


Crawford Rhinoplasty


August 2021

We can make appointments and send reports

Urochart has been very helpful because it has made our internal processes a lot easier. We can function easily and also do not need to hire additional help for our reception anymore. Money saving software


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