UroChart EHR Software

UroChart Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is specially designed to cater to the needs of Urology practitioners. IntrinsiQ developed UroChart to maximize workflow efficiency as it automates daily tasks for practitioners enabling them to focus on the practice more, enhancing their business and earning.

The software is mainly aimed at Urology practices and was developed by a urologist to best fit the needs of urology-specific practitioners. UroChart EHR software has several features that benefit users in multiple ways; some include eligibility checks, electronic medical records (EMR), easy navigation options, and multi-user accessibility. The software also helps users keep patient records and chart their routine diagnosis through pre-built templates. There is also a possibility of customizing them through which doctors could replace widgets and set them according to their own needs.

Specialty-specific Features

As previously said, UroChart was developed by and for urologists, which contributes to one of its primary strengths. In addition, the software provides urologists and their practices with the specialized tools they require to navigate patient care in the most efficient manner possible.

These tools include charts, forms, and templates that contain all of the information a urologist would need from a patient to offer the best care possible.

User-friendly Interface: One of the most remarkable aspects of utilizing the UroChart EMR is its excellent user-friendly interface, which feels modern and simple to use. In addition, the navigation system is quick and user-friendly, and it has a touchscreen capability.

The best part is that the interface is exceptionally easy-to-navigate, even for beginners. In addition, it is also aesthetically beautiful, as some reviews have commented, making it much easier for users to use the software for their everyday practice chores.

According to Urochart reviews, the users can log in to view their timeline, displaying critical information such as patient graphs in chronological order and other notes and reports that numerous users can access.

Excellent Patient Interactions: Having UroChart on your side aids them in patient involvement. In addition, according to some, email reminders increase the clinic's productivity and revenue because you miss fewer appointments.

Patients of Urochart EHR users like utilizing the patient portal, and that the ease of access to their data was refreshing and simple. As a result, patient contact is one of the UroChart EMR family's more robust features.

Remote Access: In this day and age, when we are in the grip of a global pandemic, delivering treatment to patients is more complex than ever. As a result, all practices require a platform that enables remote patient care using telemedicine tools.

UroChart EHR software enables clinicians to communicate and engage with patients online using HIPAA-compliant and secure technology. Aside from a video conferencing arrangement, you can improve remote treatment by simultaneously connecting to your patients and other practitioners.

Electronic Prescription: It can be challenging to prescribe medications to patients, mainly when they are regulated drugs. Therefore, the prescription tool is mentioned in several UroChart reviews as one of its essential features. In addition, the software uses ECPS to prevent controlled substance abuse and reduce the danger of medication-prescription fraud.

Aside from that, the implementation of ECPS helps to centralize all drug information, helping you to eliminate potential errors when prescriptions are issued to patients. The application also allows you to monitor interactions and ensures the safety of both you and your patients.

Mobile App: UroChart EHR claims that there should be no reason for doctors to store all of their patient information on computers at their clinics. As a result, the EHR includes a mobile app that allows doctors to examine all of their calendars and access patient information with a single tap.

The app allows you to communicate with primary care providers, securely examine patient records, and interact with the primary system so that all changes are automatically synced. This enables all users to have access to the most up-to-date information.

Benefits of Urochart EMR Software

UroChart EMR software automates workflows, digitally brings stored data and information regarding patients, and eliminates extensive office paperwork. In addition, the robust software offers alternative medications in case of insurance eligibility checks. UroChart also provides a patient portal that helps users and their clients remain in contact smoothly as it allows for a private data capture feature and several other features.

The software offers a mobile app supported by iOS devices from which users can quickly work remotely. In addition, electronic prescriptions, medical records, diagnosis, scheduled appointments, and patient requests can access prescription refills through the patient portal.

Urochart is ONC-ATCB certified software. Its EMR consists of several useful features like a touch-screen interface and an intuitive and easy navigation system for more interactive usage. In addition, other top features include a timeline that chronologically graphs patients’ data, a scanner, notes, access on the Internet or iPhone, and multiple user accessibility.

You can digitize vital information with Urochart EHR software, making it easier to comprehend and accessible to other clinicians treating the same patients. To give patients comprehensive care options, you can access all notes, charts, prescriptions, and so on within the same clinic or transfer to other providers.

Urochart EHR Price: The Urochart EMR pricing is not available for the general public; therefore, the users can contact the vendor for pricing information. Click the “Get Pricing” button to obtain a quote for your pricing.

Free Trial: Urochart EHR does not offer a free trial. However, you can get a demo by clicking the “Watch Demo” button on this page.

Urochart EHR Software Support: Support is offered through phone and live chat. Users can also visit their website for customer support details.

USP: CareCloud's administrative and financial solutions can be compatible with UroChart to help urologists have tools that fit them.

Product Advantages

  • Urochart is user-friendly software with a pleasing and modern user interface.
  • It is convenient to navigate; the learning curve is not steep.
  • There are several pre-installed urology-specific customizable templates.
  • The software is cloud-based and thus accessible from anywhere and at any time.

Product Limitations

One of the most prominent complaints regarding the UroChart EMR from businesses was that it slowed down, crashed, and stalled. However, most Urochart reviewers also mentioned that such an incident might occur with other software.

UroChart EHR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

What is UroChart?

UroChart EHR is a urology-specific EHR designed to help you save time and money. UroChart was created by a urologist believing that urology-specific platforms result in improved clinical outcomes.

What software do most medical offices use?

Most medical offices utilize electronic health record (EHR) software to streamline their clinical, administrative, and financial workflow.

Which is the best software for Urology?

UroChart is the best software for Urology.

UroChart EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



Crawford Rinoplasty


September 2021

We can make appointments and send the reports

UroChart software is an EHR software that aims to cater the needs of urology practitioners. It consists of robust features like touch screen interface, easy navigation system, chronologically graph patient's data, internet access and request prescription refills.

No drawbacks.


Crawford Rhinoplasty


August 2021

We can make appointments and send reports

Urochart has been very helpful because it has made our internal processes a lot easier. We can function easily and also do not need to hire additional help for our reception anymore. Money saving software




2-10 employees

November 2020

Fun to use

The software has a nice simple interface which is fun to use.

The software sometimes slows down.

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