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WeCounsel is a HIPAA-compliant video-conferencing solution for behavioral and mental health professionals. The cloud-based platform combines a clinician dashboard, video calling, patient scheduling, medical billing, and live chat capabilities within a unified portal. Practices can easily schedule remote care sessions with patients using multiple communication channels like video messages, live chat, and email. It also provides an open API, which allows practitioners to integrate the software with various third-party applications available on the market.

The telemedicine platform allows users to schedule appointments with an interactive calendar, access patient files, and initiate group video sessions with up to three people. Its secure, HIPAA-compliant interface provides a private patient portal for each client to protect patient’s information confidentiality. Additionally, behavioral health providers can employ this dynamic technology to take clinical notes, communicate with patients, and store patient records securely with system-wide encryption.

It supports several add-on features, such as multi-location management, administrative scheduling, and facilitated patient check-in. Enterprise users can also use the application to set role-based permissions, create custom workflows, and employ an interactive directory.  

Key Features

Video Conferencing

WeCounsel software enables users to conduct high quality video conferencing sessions with patients. It is easy to use and provides end-to-end encrypted video functions to help mental health providers schedule one-on-one or group remote-care sessions with their clients. The clinician dashboard, further, allows users to transition between sessions and track patient progress.

Secure Document Storage

The application allows users to save important patient records and documents in an encrypted telebehavioral platform. Clinicians can easily access important documents at home, in the clinic, or on the go. Overall, it helps ensure adherence to HIPAA guidelines and improves operational efficiency.  

The comprehensive telemedicine solution creates a virtual calendar where users can schedule appointments and update provider’s availability to streamline the scheduling process. It also allows patients to request virtual care sessions by choosing available slots from the calendar and get automated reminders regarding their appointments.

WeCounsel Pricing

WeCounsel EHR Software is available on a subscription-based pricing model. It offers four flexible pricing packages for private practices. Further, WeCounsel pricing for the app’s basic subscription plan starts at $24.99 per month. 
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WeCounsel Reviews

WeCounsel solutions have received great user satisfaction ratings. The vendor offers powerful video conferencing features, enables secure document sharing, and helps optimize workflow efficiency, as noted by many reviewers. 
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WeCounsel Demo

Click on the ‘Watch Demo’ button above to see the WeCounsel Portal in action. The comprehensive software demo will let you assess its key offerings in real-time and demonstrate how it is the right fit for your mental health services.

Final Thoughts

WeCounsel is a secure, feature-rich video conferencing platform that allows mental and behavioral health practices to conduct remote care sessions, reschedule or cancel appointments, and download patient records through a centralized interface. 

We recommend you opt for the program’s demo version to understand whether the product matches your specific requirements.

Today's most popular FAQs

What are the pricing plans for WeCounsel software?

The company does not provide pricing plans on its official website. However, you can reach out to third-party vendors or click on the "Get Pricing" option above to get a personalized pricing plan.

What is WeCounsel software mainly used for?

WeCounsel offers mental health doctors, clients, and healthcare organizations online video conferencing software and client management and engagement solutions.

Which medical departments are ideal for WeCounsel software?

Psychologists, psychiatrists, LPCs, LMFTs, LCSWs, addiction counselors, nutritionists, coaches, and behavioral service providers (companies and organizations).

WeCounsel Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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