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WoundExpert is a cloud-based wound-care-specific solution. It is now known as Net Health Wound Care. This rigorous platform offers healthcare services, regardless of practice size, supporting medical operations at all levels. It works for inpatient and outpatient hospitals, post and acute-care private practices, and supports clinical research.

Synchronizing the database of clinics, WoundExpert software streamlines overall workflow. Ensuring adherence to regulatory compliance, the software guarantees patient safety, letting practitioners heave a sigh of leave.  

Key Features 

Data Management 

WoundExpert EHR features robust data management services to facilitate clinical procedures. The vendor syncs data to organize patient records and keep them easily accessible. As a result, practitioners can sift through the data effortlessly.

Also, real-time data insights are also used for reporting and visualization purposes. Above all, the patient records are embedded within the hospital systems to ensure simplified data flow. This service by WoundExpert reduces care gaps, improving healthcare outcomes.

Tissue Analytics

The Tissue Analytics module helps doctors analyze chronic wounds. The software reduces wound treatment costs by running a pressure injury surveillance program. Also, it features vision algorithms and machine language to analyze wounds systematically.

The tissue analytics module even offers 3D wound-imaging services, backed by smartphone apps. It focuses on camera angles to keenly assess the criticality of wounds. Resultantly, it leads to connected workflows, reduced costs, and minimal wound deterioration risk.

Patient Engagement Suite 

WoundExpert EHR takes pride in its all-in-one engagement suite. This comprises patient engagement and marketing tools to improve clinical revenue and patient retention. These exclusive services combined in one integrated platform add value to patient experiences.

This suite by WoundExpert software provides automated reputation-building tools for improving clinical reputation. It nurtures personalized communication to keep patients on track for a pleasant experience. Moreover, it also includes outcomes-management for rehab therapy clinics, leading to realistic healthcare plans.  

WoundExpert Pricing

The cost details of WoundExpert are not publicly available. However, clinicians can request the cost plans by contacting the sales team of this robust solution. Moreover, you can click the “Get Pricing” button above to source customized pricing plans, tailored according to your clinical requirements. 

WoundExpert Demo 

A demo with WoundExpert EMR acts like a guide for healthcare professionals. Click the “Watch Demo” button above to access the cost-free demo. 

WoundExpert EHR Reviews

The reviews of WoundExpert EHR are primarily in its favor. Users suggest that this leading care platform provides realistic insights, fostering effective treatment plans. This software harnesses health data to drive outstanding care outcomes. Its user-friendly interface also adds to the tech-driven services.  

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Our Thoughts

WoundExpert is a technologically advanced wound-care platform. It compiles a wide spectrum of features under one roof, helping physicians draft tailor-made plans for wound management. In addition, the vendor showcases its skills through its impactful care analytics tool, which allows clients to analyze acute wounds diligently.

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