What Is ZenCharts? 


ZenCharts is a cloud-based platform that specializes in electronic medical records for substance use, mental health, and eating disorder facilities. With ZenCharts, physicians can streamline the documentation process, benefit from proprietary tools, and auto-populating documents. Additionally, the software offers intake forms, scheduling, on-track reviews, billing and a treatment planner. 

What Is ZenCharts Best For? 

ZenCharts software is best known for simplifying the documentation process of mental health and addiction treatment practices. ZenChart’s high customizability makes it stand out from other competitors. Clinicians can create personalized treatment plans and monitor patients’ progress.  

ZenCharts Pricing 

  • Starting price: $40/month 

You can also get customizable pricing plans based on the number of practitioners and users. Click Get Pricing, and one of our customer sales representatives will help you choose an appropriate plan for your practice. 

ZenCharts Integrations 

ZenCharts integrates seamlessly with the following third-party applications: 

  • Zoho 
  • Salesforce 
  • Avea 
  • Twilio 
  • CleverCap 

How Does ZenCharts Work? 

Here are a few steps to help users get started with ZenCharts software: 

  • After logging into the dashboard, access its main features  
  • Create a new patient file by clicking on the designated button and filling in the required information 
  • Input patient demographics, medical history, and insurance details 
  • Generate comprehensive treatment plans tailored to patients’ specific needs 
  • Utilize outcome measurement tools to track patient progress and ensure treatment’s effectiveness 
  • Simplify compliance tracking by documenting all necessary information securely 
  • Generate and submit claims electronically for billing purposes 

For a more in-depth understanding of how ZenCharts works, click Watch Demo

Who Is ZenCharts For? 

The software is ideal for mental health and addiction treatment facilities of all sizes. ZenCharts can be used by the following: 

  • Private clinics 
  • Hospitals 
  • Non-profit organizations 
  • Behavioral Health Centers 
  • Addiction Treatment Centers 

ZenCharts serves as an essential tool for the following personnel: 

  • Therapists 
  • Counselors 
  • Psychiatrists 

ZenCharts Features 

  • Billing 

ZenCharts software offers billing features to efficiently manage financial transactions. It generates accurate invoices, tracks payments, and handles insurance claims. 

  • Treatment Planner 

ZenCharts enables healthcare professionals to create personalized treatment plans for their patients. Its user-friendly interface helps develop customized goals, interventions, and progress notes. The treatment planner also facilitates effective communication within the care team. 

  • Scheduling 

ZenCharts' scheduling feature allows healthcare facilities to manage appointments and optimize resources. It enables providers to schedule appointments, track availability, and send automated reminders to patients. 

  • Intake Forms 

ZenCharts software simplifies the intake process by offering electronic intake forms. It allows patients to fill out essential information electronically, eliminating paper forms. This feature enhances data accuracy, improves efficiency, and reduces administrative burden, enabling faster patient onboarding. 

Is ZenCharts Right for You? 

ZenCharts software has been specifically designed for medical professionals to provide value-based patient care. Tha HIPAA-compliant software prioritizes security and scalability, ensuring the confidentiality of patient data.  

ZenCharts also offers add-on features like patient engagement tools, advanced analytics, and dedicated customer support. So, whether a small private clinic or a large mental health facility, ZenCharts can help streamline their workflow and improve patient care. 

Still not sure if ZenCharts is right for you? Contact our customer support team at (315) 215-3447, who will help you make the best decision. To schedule a free demo, you can click Watch Demo. 

ZenCharts Pricing 

What’s included
40 / month
(+ Minimum Monthly
Base Pricing $500)
  • No abusive contracts
  • No confusing costs
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Auto Updates

For more information and a custom quote, click Get Pricing


  • Streamlined workflows
  • Improved practice efficiency
  • Specialized features for mental health
  • Secure and compliant documentation


  • Reports and analytics need improvement
  • Lack of integrations

ZenCharts Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does ZenCharts software cost?

ZenCharts software pricing starts from $40/month and offers customizable pricing plans based on the number of practitioners and users.

Is ZenCharts software cloud-based?

Yes, ZenCharts software is cloud-based.

What are the main features of ZenCharts software?

The main features of ZenCharts software include billing, treatment planner, scheduling, and intake forms.

What level of support does ZenCharts software offer?

ZenCharts software offers support through phone and form submission.

Who are the main users of ZenCharts software?

The main users of ZenCharts software are therapists, counselors, psychiatrists, behavioral healthcare providers, addiction treatment centers, and hospitals.

ZenCharts Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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