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Zentake is a powerful software solution designed to help healthcare professionals reduce the burden of unnecessary paperwork. The application offers HIPAA-compliant digital patient intake forms to ensure a seamless check-in experience. It provides a variety of useful features, such as an e-signature tool, customizable forms, compliance tracking, document storage, customizable templates, and intake management.

The application streamlines front-office tasks and allows users to send online forms to new or existing patients via email or text. It follows strict security protocols to stay compliant with privacy regulations and protect sensitive health data. Its e-signature tool is designed for collecting patient signatures through any internet-enabled device. Users can also generate PDF or CSV files and combine several intake forms into single sheets.

Moreover, Zentake software comes with an online form builder that allows users to customize forms with various question types. It lets administrators set form requirements and send emails or texts to request forms. Front-office staff can also use the system to collect patient IDs and verify insurance at the point of care.

Key Features

Patient Intake Management

The intake management solution offers powerful tools to help practices collect and manage patient intake forms. It is designed to minimize paperwork challenges and enhance the overall patient experience. Practices can easily send out customizable forms to capture all the information they need to take the right action.

Data Security

Zentake software helps users maintain regulatory compliance and data security. Its HIPAA-compliant platform takes multiple steps like using 256-bit SSL encryption during data transfer to keep Protected Health Information (PHI) secure. This also reduces the risk of future HIPAA violations.

Data Management

The app securely manages and stores a practice’s form submission data. It streamlines data transfer by allowing users to collaborate with other providers, share medical history, and send legally signed medical releases. Users can also generate a PDF version of completed patient intake forms.

Zentake Pricing

Zentake EMR software is available on monthly or annual subscriptions. Further, the pricing for the vendor’s basic subscription plan starts at $49.00 per month.
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Zentake Demo

Click the ‘Watch Demo’ button on this page to get a visual walkthrough into the app’s key features. The comprehensive Zentake demo will let you explore the product’s basic capabilities in real-time and demonstrate how it will benefit your medical practice. 

Zentake Reviews

Zentake EHR system has received positive ratings across most accredited sites. Its comprehensive suite of intake management tools, customizable forms, and secure interface impressed reviewers.
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Our Thoughts

Zentake is a robust intake management system that helps healthcare practices streamline intake processes, protect sensitive health data, and minimize paperwork. We recommend that you try out the product’s demo version to determine whether it is suitable for your specific practice requirements.

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