ZoomMD Software

What Is ZoomMD Software? 


ZoomMD is a cloud-based EHR and practice management system developed with the expertise of physicians and software engineers. It offers a user-friendly platform that considers all your health information needs. Moreover, its intuitive design strives to make clinical care, practice management, and documentation simpler and easier for your practice.  

What Is ZoomMD Software Best/Known For?  

ZoomMD is best known for its integration with medical billing systems, providing users an easy-to-use interface for submitting billing data and managing patient records. ZoomMD provides real-time reporting and analytics to practices. It reviews the performance of their payment collection process, allowing them to make better decisions on optimizing their operations.  

ZoomMD Software Pricing  

Unlock all the powerful features and support services of ZoomMD with a free trial period, followed by an affordable monthly subscription fee of just $395. All new updates and upgrades are already included for your convenience! 

ZoomMD pricing can be tailored to fit your practice's budget and needs. Click the "Get Pricing" button for a customized quote. 

ZoomMD Software Integrations  

The vendor has not specified the exact integrations available for ZoomMD software. However, it works with the ZoomMD Cloud Medical Billing platform, allowing you to streamline billing and collections and automate processes. 

How Does ZoomMD Software Work?   

The following is a step-by-step process for how ZoomMD software works: 

  1. Sign into your account using your credentials 
  2. Access the patient record for a particular patient 
  3. Create and edit medical notes, orders, and documents 
  4. Submit billing data to the medical billing platform 
  5. Generate and review reports for analytics  
  6. View patient information in real-time 
  7. Manage appointment schedules and patient follow-ups 
  8. Securely store patient information  
  9. Track payments and collections  
  10. Generate reports for auditing and compliance  

You can check out the ZoomMD demo via the “Watch Demo” button above for a detailed overview. 

Who Is ZoomMD Software For?  

ZoomMD provides various features and functionalities tailored to the requirements of small to mid-sized medical offices. It is usually used by the following to manage their patient records and practice operations: 

  • Medical professionals, including physicians 
  • Mid-level providers 
  • Dentists 
  • Allied health professionals 

ZoomMD Software Features  

The following are some of the key ZoomMD features:  

  • Flexible Charting Options 
    You can effortlessly input notes and transcriptions into your EHR system using this feature. It allows you to craft custom templates, automatically coalesce chart data into the note content, and conveniently copy earlier documents to your present note. 
  • ePrescription  
    The ePrescription feature offered by ZoomMD software is a comprehensive tool that allows medical professionals to easily create prescriptions electronically. It offers Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS), allergies, drug interaction and formulary checks. Additionally, it enables you to send prescriptions to any pharmacy in the country. 
  • Lab Module  
    The ZoomMD Lab Module provides an easy-to-use tool for medical professionals to access integrated lab orders and results within the patient's chart. It also offers secure connectivity with national labs for accurate, timely lab orders and results management. 
  • Document Management  
    Document management is an important feature of ZoomMD software, enabling medical professionals to easily access and manage documents within the patient's chart. Its DMS integrates paper and fax documents into the EHR system for easy accessibility, while its Zoom Viewer allows users to view and manage notes & documents in one place.  
  • Integrated Medical Billing 
    ZoomMD offers an integrated medical billing system that allows users to easily streamline their billing and collections processes.  
    The superbill system sends charges in real-time to the user's billers inbox or any practice management system. Moreover, patient balances are displayed at check-in to facilitate patient collections. Insurance eligibility is also available at check-in and integrated with the ZoomMD Cloud Medical Billing platform for greater efficiency. 

Is ZoomMD Software Right for You?  

Whether ZoomMD is right for you depends on your individual practice needs. ZoomMD software is an ONC-ACB 2015 Edition Cures Update certified cloud EHR, and practice management system designed to make clinical care, practice management, and documentation easier and more efficient.  

If you run a specialty clinic, multi-physician or independent practice, ZoomMD software can help you streamline operations and improve patient care.  

Pricing Plans  

The starting price of ZoomMD is $395, but the vendor has not disclosed detailed pricing plans publicly. You can click the “Get Pricing” button above to source customized pricing plans from our experts. 


  • All new updates and upgrades are included in the affordable subscription fee.
  • An intuitive design that makes clinical care and practice management easier.
  • Integrated medical billing system for streamlining payments and collections.


  • Integrations are not specified for the software.
  • A free version of the software is not available.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does ZoomMD Software cost?

ZoomMD software has a subscription fee of $395/month, although pricing plans can be tailored to fit your practice's budget and needs. Click “Get Pricing” for more information.

Is ZoomMD Software cloud-based?

Yes, ZoomMD software is a cloud-based EHR and practice management system.

What are the main features of ZoomMD Software?

The main features of ZoomMD software include flexible charting options, an ePrescription feature, a Lab Module, document management, dashboard tools, an appointment scheduler, and an integrated medical billing system.

What level of support does ZoomMD Software have?

ZoomMD offers 24/7 support for its users via E-mail, with access to knowledgeable technical supervisors and a customer service helpline.

Who are the main users of ZoomMD Software?

ZoomMD software is ideal for small to mid-sized medical offices. Its capabilities are tailored to the following: Healthcare professionals, such as: physicians Dentists Mid-level providers Allied health professionals

ZoomMD Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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