FindEMR is behind thousands of people finding the perfect software for themselves. And as a result, we have helped companies reach their target sales.


Let Us Handle Your Lead Generation Needs

If you are looking for a sustainable boost in your sales, then we can help you. Here are some reasons you should consider us as a Lead Generation Partner for you:

1. Focus on Quality – We have a team of dedicated lead generation experts who are constantly researching and honing their skills so they can vet your leads & appointments. We might not have been in the game for as long a time as our competitors but we are truly ahead of the curve in many other ways.

2. Competitive Pricing – Our prices are incredibly competitive in terms of the market price and we will always work on giving you the best deal possible. Our lead costs stand at least 30-35% cheaper than Software Advice.

3. Money Back Guarantee – If you are not happy with our work, well, you can opt out at any time and without any penalties or issues!

4. Lead Quality – We make sure we do not give the same lead to too many vendors working with us and have a cap of 3 vendors per lead. This ensures lead quality and prevents exhaustion.

List Your Software With Us

If you have a software but do not want to engage with us on our paid services for lead generation then you can simply have us list your software on the website; we do not charge for this. Get your software listed and have a shot at organically getting clients!

If you want to be listed on our website email us the information mentioned blow on [email protected]:

• A product description which briefly mentions what you software does in 150-200 words.

• This should be unique and unpublished on the internet so far

• A high resolution image of your logo

• Some screenshots from showcasing the software’s interface

• Information on what platforms the software works on

• A short video showing how to use the software/how it works

Standard Vendor Profile on FindEMR

Get The Word Out

If you want to help establish your brand further and also grow your professional network you can write for our blog and newsletter which is sent out to those subscribed to it. If you are interested in doing this follow the guidelines mentioned below:  

• The topic should be of interest to our audience; read up old blogs to see what we publish.

• Don’t make it a very obvious sales pitch for your platform.

• Send us about 800-1000 words.

• Send us the relevant information for the author; name, short bio and a picture.

You can send us the blog on [email protected] and we will reach out if we decide to publish it!