ABELMed offers a comprehensive electronic medical record and practice management solution. It is suitable for all sizes of medical, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy clinics. In short, ABELMed EMR is a clinical management software for patient management, appointment scheduling, medical billing, medical recording, prescribing, chronic disease monitoring, and more. 

The physician dashboard and appointment scheduler provide multiple workflow options through a single screen and provides access to different types of functions and information. It offers a complete overview of their daily tasks and schedules, along with daily and weekly appointment breakdowns, pending and completed forms, investigations and lab results, patient encounters, and high-priority open tasks. The patient manager keeps a track of patient movement through various steps of their appointment process. It keeps track of their arrival time, waiting periods, and progression through the office. 

ABELMed EMR features include preventative care management, cumulative patient profile, authorization manager for enhanced security, and multiple billing types (including OHIP). For Ontario clients and Telus eClaims insurance claims processing for Canadian practitioners, ABELMed offers HRM (Health Report Manager) and OLIS (Ontario Lab Information System) integration. 

ABELMed, also known as a portable EHR/PM software, assists users in increasing their productivity by lowering the amount of time they spend on administrative duties in their practice. It allows healthcare practices to digitally transfer diagnostic imaging reports and medical information for review and access by community-based clinicians through the internet. In addition to this, ABELMed comes with a built-in recall system that allows physicians to identify patients who need health maintenance and prevention, such as pap smears, flu shots, immunization, or mammogram. 

The medical billing feature includes the automatic designation of tasks and the generation of procedure codes to create bills for billing staff. Apart from this, the software offers handwriting and voice recognition for easier and faster clinical documentation. It offers referral management capabilities, enabling users to create referral letters from lab reports and encounter notes, track sent referrals, and identify which patients require referral responses and follow-ups.  

Through the ABELMed EHR, users can obtain lab results electronically, automatically put them in patients' charts and any extra remarks. The outcomes can be graphed and seen on-screen or printed. The prescriptions module in the ABELMed EHR analyses probable drug interactions before finalizing prescriptions and allows users to print or fax prescriptions straight from the patient's chart. Users can renew many medications at once, make lists of their most often prescribed meds, and add non-formulary drugs to the database. 

ABELMed EMR Pricing: The vendor does not openly provide the pricing plans for ABELMed EMR. However, to get a price quote, you can click on the ‘get pricing’ option. 

Support: The software offers customer support through online portals during business hours. 

ABELMed USP: Its health report manager feature enables physicians to easily transmit diagnostic imaging and patient reports into the software. 

ABELMed EMR Pros: According to ABELMed EMR reviews, it offers a great layout with a user-friendly interface. Their customer support team is highly attentive and knowledgeable. 

ABELMed EMR Cons: There should be more space for progress notes. It gets a little slow when you are moving between options during scheduling appointments. 

ABELMed EMR reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



The Ottawa Hospital

501-1,000 employees

April 2020


The reason we chose this software is its quality and value. It is user-friendly. They regularly keep updating the drugs as well.

Brand names and conventional names are not generally accessible. The space provided for progress notes should be expanded.


Rouge Valley Physiotherapy

2-10 employees

November 2019

Easy to operate

AbelMed is easy to operate and it is user-friendly. It is convenient for our facility to work every day.

There isn’t any con.


Emmanuel Doctors Outreach

51-200 employees

April 2018

Good product.

It takes into account remote patient monitoring, decreases clinic stay, improves the general patient experience.

It requires a ton of bottlenecks for institutional endorsement, and numerous clinicians are not ready to relearn.

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