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myAvatar by Netsmart is a robust EHR solution designed to support the workflows of organizations that provide behavioral health services and addictions treatment in residential, inpatient, and community-based programs. The health IT tool improves medical care frameworks, streamlines day-to-day practice tasks, and makes patient information quickly accessible. Its recovery-focused suite of solutions leverages data-driven insights and clinical decision support to facilitate value-based care. 

This feature-packed application offers an extensive range of solutions to support multiple roles with an organization, including clinicians, billing administrators, front office staff, and executive management. It automates various routine workflows, such as inpatient closed-loop medication management, and includes role-based dashboards to specify each user’s responsibilities. Further, the platform comes with a comprehensive suite of scheduling tools for group treatments, outpatient care, group appointments, and detoxification.

myAvatar software quickly notifies providers in case of any changes in practice compliance. Practices can also utilize it to handle complex billing tasks for long-term care processes. Overall, its powerful functionalities help users ensure improved clinical, operational, and financial workflows for both inpatient and outpatient settings.

Key Offerings

Document Management

Netsmart myAvatar includes a powerful document management functionality that makes it easier for users to create, store, and retrieve documents within the system. This offering enhances clinical decision-making with actionable information available at the point of care. It also utilizes role-based document security to support patient privacy requirements for document imaging.

Data Analytics

This data-driven EHR platform helps practices track key performance indicators (KPIs). It provides valuable insights into the clinical, operational, and financial performance of an organization to let decision-makers drive regulatory compliance and achieve organizational goals. 

Medication Management

myAvatar EHR offers a robust medication management feature for behavioral health practices. This functionality enables providers to track medications in real time, improving patient adherence and utilization of medications while minimizing the risk of prescription errors.

myAvatar Software Pricing

The myAvatar EMR cost structure is based on the typical subscription-based model. However, the exact details for myAvatar’s subscription plans have not been disclosed by the vendor. You can contact the company to get a custom quote for your practice.

myAvatar Software Demo

You can evaluate the product’s functionalities in real-time by simply scheduling a demo (click the corresponding button above/on this page). A comprehensive myAvatar Netsmart Demo will let you check out the software in a more detailed manner and see how it benefits your practice in real-time.

myAvatar Software Reviews

myAvatar software has been well-reviewed across most sites. The application is lauded for its ease of use, robust suite of solutions, and excellent customer support.

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Our Thoughts

myAvatar is one of the best medical software platforms for mental and behavioral health providers. This recovery-focused solution provides features for both inpatient and outpatient settings and lets users customize the app’s interface to meet their precise needs.

We recommend opting for the product demo to understand how Netsmart myAvatar will be a good fit for your medical facility.

Today's most popular FAQs

Is myAvatar and EMR software?

No, myAvatar™ is an electronic health record (EHR) specifically designed for organizations that provide behavioral health and addictions treatment services.

Is myAvatar software free?

No, myAvatar is not a free software.

What is myAvatar software mainly used for?

myAvatar™ is an electronic health record (EHR) that is specifically designed for organizations that provide behavioral health and addictions treatment services in community-based, residential, and inpatient programs.

Which medical department prefer myAvatar software?

Throughout the organization, from front desk staff and clinicians to billing administrators and executive management. The use myAvatar software results in improved operational, clinical, and financial workflows for inpatient and outpatient organizations.

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myAvatar Software reviews

Overall Rating

2 Reviews


Johnathan K. Walker

Health Care

Employees 50-99

November 2022

Intuitive, well-designed, and the most customizable EHR available for behavioral health practices

To meet state and federal standards, the software can be modified. Individual users can modify the screen requirements in Avatar to accommodate their daily workflow requirements and screen captures. The segmented form type used by Avatar keeps client and employee access to medical history information strictly prohibited; for example, a receptionist does not view prescriptions or social histories. Screens can be configured to accommodate color blindness, poor eyesight, and workflow. Professional and frequently able to make mistakes the same day, customer assistance was excellent.

We've had problems with some documentation not getting uploaded to the server. Navigating and finding the required forms can be challenging. When a document is created, it may be listed by an abbreviation; however, when a client's clinical record is examined, it may be listed differently in two sections, such as to modify or view current information with various titles. When the users attempted to convey to the IT staff which form was broken, a lot of misunderstanding resulted. Aside from that, everything is fine.

Jake D. Samuels

ER Attendee

Employees 50-99

November 2022

MyAvatar enhances your practice and care management

The ability to view all patients or clients from a list without having access to their ID numbers is something I like. By using keywords or subjects, you may easily search for any form. As a result of Netsmart's ongoing product improvement, we were able to advance and successfully apply for "meaningful use" stimulus funding to support our EHR projects. The software provides technical support that is very well structured because it focuses on specific issues. The interface is very intuitive and not very click-intensive.

When I am using the software and filling out forms for patient charts, the software frequently stalls, and the writing is quite small. The software occasionally fails to save a note's progress, requiring the user to enter the data again, a time-consuming process.

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