ZOLL's emsCHARTS Software

ZOLL emsCHARTS is a cloud-based software solution for electronic patient care reporting (ePCR). The EMR software allows doctors to automatically collect patient data in real time by importing demographics, health, and insurance information from various healthcare systems. The software has advanced features that allow your team to document patient care from anywhere and automatically sync data to the cloud. 

The charting solution in the cloud, ZOLL ems CHARTS, has a fully customizable user interface that will help medics save time when manually documenting patient care reports. Because the software is fully functional, it can highlight missing or incomplete data in context. This makes it easy for users to give an agency the information it needs to make sure documentation is correct and complete. 

Key Feature

Appropriate Personnel Involvement 

The ZOLL emsCHARTS involvement feature allows you to grant access to your medical director during the QA process. This feature also notifies users immediately if they make a typing error or miss a field during the PCR process. You can even create filters to easily route PCR reviews to the appropriate people. 

Automatic PCR Delivery and Updates 

ZOLL emsCHARTS makes it simple to send your patients' PCRs to the correct location. With a few clicks, you can send the PCRs to the billing vendor, the hospital, and the state. 

Workflow Administration 

The software enables you to automatically send data to your state and meet data management requirements. The software can help you manage your patients' records and important data in a variety of ways. ZOLL emsCHARTS provides a complete solution for medics to eliminate manual documentation with each new patient. It also makes it easy to manage lists, change them, and make your own reports. 

ZOLL emsCHARTS Pricing 

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By clicking the "Watch Demo" button, you can see a live software demo that will show you how to use the software and its features. There are no free versions or free trials available for the software. 

ZOLL emsCHARTS Reviews  

The software has received numerous positive online reviews. Customers are pleased, stating that the software saves them time when editing or collecting patient information. The software is also praised for its workflow management, which allows users to manage patient records and important data in a single location. More software reviews can be found in our reviews section. 

Our Opinion 

ZOLL emsCHARTS software includes a plethora of features to aid medics in their documentation process. The ZOLL ems CHARTS Software allows you to document patient care from anywhere using a mobile app, and data is conveniently synced to the cloud as well. It also has a fully customizable user interface that requires no configuration. So, if you're looking for medical software that allows you to collect, manage, secure, and edit your patients' information all in one place, ZOLL emsCHARTS software is the way to go.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does ZOLL emsCharts Software offer an API?

No, ZOLL emsCharts does not have an API available.

Does ZOLL emsCharts Software support mobile devices?

ZOLL emsCharts supports the following devices: 

Android, iPad, IOS devices

What Languages doees ZOLL emsCharts Software Support?

ZOLL emsCharts supports the following languages: English

What level of support does ZOLL emsCharts Software offer?

ZOLL emsCharts offers the following support options:

Phone Support, FAQs/Forum, Email/Help Desk

Who are the typical users of ZOLL emsCharts Software?

ZOLL emsCharts has the following typical customers:

Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

ZOLL's emsCHARTS Software Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

Within Budget

Large Organization

Within Budget

ZOLL's emsCHARTS Software reviews

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