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ICANotes is a certified EHR and practice management system. The cloud-based software caters to all the clinical documentation/workflow needs of behavioral health practitioners. It supports document customization and complies with HIPPA regulations. Users will find several beneficial features in this software, including e-prescription, charting, claims administration, billing, and security, among other important functionalities. In addition, clients can easily and quickly produce documents through the app’s button-driven user interface.   

The program functions as a personal clinician and compiles notes using an effective self-coding method. These codes, which include code-generating replies, enable users to document patients’ mental health and other ailments/difficulties. Software users, further, can alter the program’s templates to suit their needs – which come with a point-and-click interface.  

Overall, ICANotes provides an ideal, clinical documentation solution for mid-sized practices. However, solo practitioners can also use it in smaller settings.   

Key Features  

Patient Portal  

ICANotes comes integrated with a patient portal that allows patients to interact with their doctors more effectively. This feature facilitates an easy file and document exchange. Patients, further, can submit their complete medical history and demographic information for consultant appraisals. Users can modify information according to their needs to provide an accurate diagnosis and rate of response as the system includes each client's medical history.  


With pre-configured templates for all disciplines and contexts, ICANotes is one of the most clinically robust EHR interfaces available for behavioral health charting in the market. The platform is well-known for its charting capability integrated into the core EHR system. In addition, because the EHR software has a self-coding capability that organizes patient documents for its users, users are not required to transcribe every word their clients say.  

Billing Software for Clinicians  

With the integrated billing solution feature access from ICANotes, mental health providers can streamline their procedures and get their payments more quickly. EMR billing software facilitates users in their billing, budget management, and revenue cycle tracking. In addition, you can employ it to quickly produce superbills, statements, and CMS forms in one location. According to circulating industry reports, the program is soon expected to receive an upgrade; aligned with user ideas about maintaining and adhering to current industry standards.  

ICANotes EHR Pricing  

The software subscription price begins at $39.00 per month for each user.  

To obtain a custom quote or detailed pricing info, please reach out to the vendor via the ‘Get Pricing’ outreach button above/on this page. 

ICANotes EHR Demo  

Still unsure of whether you should give the software a try? There is a vendor demo available (click the ‘Watch Demo’ button above/on this page) to address all your doubts and queries. You can also request a free trial to become familiar with the software's capabilities and specific approaches to clinical practice management. 

ICANotes EHR Reviews  

Client reviews published on various platforms online make commending mention of the software's valuable features, such as e-prescription and e-charting. Visit the Review section below for a more thorough appraisal of our client testimonials.  

Our Thoughts  

ICANotes helps doctors create clinically pertinent notes quickly so they can give more time to their patients. As a result, clients can concentrate more on enlarging the facility and receiving payments sooner without worrying about audits. The software subscription also comes with 24/7 live customer support. 

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