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What Is Rethink Behavioral Health Software? 


Rethink Behavioral Health (RethinkBH) is a comprehensive practice management software for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and pediatric therapy providers. The software's technology assists providers and caregivers in helping individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. A variety of tools and resources for clinicians, teachers, and caregivers make sure that care and support are given effectively and that the practice runs smoothly. 

What Is RethinkBH Software Best For? 

Rethink Behavioral Health reviews show that users highly value the electronic health records (EHRs) feature. It allows for accurate documentation and easy access to client information. 

Users have also appreciated the data collection and analysis tools, that enable clinicians to make data-driven decisions. Other valuable features include customizable treatment planning and resources for caregivers and families, such as training videos and community forums. 

Rethink Pricing 

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Rethink Integrations 

The vendor has not provided details regarding software integrations.

How Does RethinkBH Work? 

Follow these basic steps to begin using RethinkBH: 

  1. Once you have access to the software, you will need to set up your account by entering your personal and professional information
  2. Create EHRs for each of your clients, entering their personal and medical information
  3. Use the software to develop client treatment plans, including goals, interventions, and progress tracking. 
  4. Use the provided tools to document and track your client’s progress toward their treatment goals
  5. With data collection and analysis tools, analyze your client’s progress, identify areas for improvement, and adjust treatment plans accordingly
  6. Communicate with other team members involved in your client’s care, such as caregivers, family members, or other behavioral health professionals
  7. Take advantage of the software's training videos, articles, and community forums to continue learning and improving your practice.

To learn more about Rethink's functionality, schedule a demo. You can easily access it by clicking Watch Demo.

Who Is RethinkBH For? 

RethinkBH software is feasible for many businesses and organizations that provide behavioral health services. It is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of different businesses, regardless of their size or type. 

Common customers of Rethink are commonly mental health clinics, behavioral health agencies, community-based service providers, and schools. Individual practitioners such as psychologists, social workers, and behavioral therapists also use the software. 

Rethink behavior analysis tools are especially useful for organizations that serve individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. However, it is also a good fit for organizations providing other behavioral health services, such as addiction treatment or counseling. 

Rethink Software Features 

Some of the features offered by Rethink include: 

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) 
    Rethink provides a cloud-based EHR system designed specifically for behavioral health providers. The system includes tools for documentation, progress notes, and care plan management. 
  • Clinical Dashboard 
    The clinical dashboard provides a high-level view of patient progress and key performance indicators. It allows providers to monitor outcomes, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Billing Services And Claims Management 
    Rethink specializes in revenue cycle management for ABA, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, and neuropsychology services. The software includes tools for managing billing and claim processing. Providers can create and submit claims electronically, track payments, and manage denials and appeals. 
  • Client Portal 
    Rethink provides a secure client portal that allows patients to access their health information, communicate with providers, and schedule appointments online. 
  • Treatment Planning 
    The treatment planning feature provides tools for creating and managing care plans for individual patients. Providers can collaborate with other care team members and track progress toward goals. 
  • Telehealth 
    A built-in telehealth platform allows providers to conduct virtual appointments with patients. The platform is fully integrated with the EHR system, so data collection and notes can be managed in real-time. 
  • Data Analytics 
    Robust data analytics tools enable providers to track outcomes and measure the effectiveness of their interventions. The system includes customizable reports and dashboards for identifying areas for improvement. 
  • Mobile App 
    Rethink offers a mobile app that allows providers to access the EHR system and communicate with patients from anywhere, anytime.

The software may offer additional features for streamlining a behavioral health practice.

Is RethinkBH Right For You? 

Choosing Rethink software is beneficial when your behavioral health services practice needs a comprehensive EHR system to manage patient information and treatment plans. Also, it can automate administrative tasks like setting up appointments, clinical workflows, billing, insurance claims, and staff communication. 

With Rethink, your practice can make sure it follows HIPAA rules and other standards for the healthcare industry. Additionally, it is a good choice if you need software to help you measure and analyze your practice's performance and outcomes.

Rethink Pricing Breakdown 

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  • Easy onboarding
  • Good customer support
  • Pre-built behavior programs


  • Difficult to edit data
  • Group scheduling is not possible

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Rethink software cost?

The vendor has not publicized the pricing details. Click Get Pricing.

Is Rethink software cloud-based?

Yes, it is cloud-based.

What are the main features of Rethink software?

The main features include EHR, telehealth, revenue cycle management, treatment planning, and analytics.

What level of support does Rethink software have?

Support is available via chat, email, and phone.

Who are the main users of Rethink software?

The typical users are freelancers and small to large businesses in the behavioral health industry.

Rethink Software Pricing

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Rethink Software reviews

Overall Rating

5 Reviews



Hospital & Health Care

2-10 employees

April 2023

Good customer experience. Software features could improve.

As a small business owner, I find Rethink to be a great tool that meets all of my needs. I especially appreciate how seamlessly the time sheets are integrated with session notes. The payroll export and billing export features are also user-friendly and easy to work with.

The scheduling area could be more user-friendly. In my previous experience with Central Reach scheduling, I was able to drag and drop appointments, which was helpful. However, my main request is to be able to view multiple staff and client schedules simultaneously on the main page, not just in the group calendar section. Can we improve the visual planning of our scheduling in the group calendar section? I am requesting a better way to manually manage our scheduling without having to change the mastery criteria. Additionally, can we create playlists that group programming together for easier management? Although staff can currently check and uncheck items in the skills section, having a playlist from the back end would be very helpful.


Mental Health Care

51-200 employees

March 2023

My experience with Rethink

I appreciate the user-friendly software that is constantly updated to keep up with changing needs. It's reassuring to know that there is a support team available to help resolve any issues that may arise.

It can be difficult to wait for certain programs from a business perspective. It would be helpful to have an additional section for notes, aside from the demographic area. It would also be beneficial if Rethink could provide a notification when there are issues with the system such as speed or software updates causing downtime. Currently, notifications appear for "new" items, so adding notifications for system issues would keep field staff informed.


Medical Practice

501-1,000 employees

January 2023

The system is designed to be user-friendly but has limited additional features.

This system is easy to deploy and is comparable to Catalyst in terms of ease of use, but without the technical glitches. Also, there are some customizable presets available for creating a new student's profile.

ReThink has some weaknesses, such as being unable to make significant changes to inaccurate data collection after the point of sale. Additionally, the support system is not very direct and can take multiple attempts to reach someone by phone, making it less convenient than an active chat feature.


Individual & Family Services

11-50 employees

November 2022

Good experience using Rethink

This software's preprogrammed behavior programs and objectives are its best feature.

The system sometimes fails to save input information and is not user-friendly for entering data from different days. It also does not provide an option to edit entered data, which is crucial in case of errors during real-time data entry.


Hospital & Health Care

11-50 employees

October 2022

Good with data collection

I find the data collection process for the technical aspects quite simple and the graphs are easily accessible. I appreciate the program and stim libraries as well. Output Language Code: EN-US

I find the program set up difficult to learn. It would be helpful if the prompt levels advanced automatically once the criteria is met.

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