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WRS Health is a leading provider of cloud-based integrated Health IT solutions that include electronic health records, practice management, revenue cycle management, and billing services. The company is voted #1 by PCMag in 2019 and caters to over 32 medical specialties. It offers multiple modules for healthcare providers, including medical billing, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, disease management, image management, order management, patient portal, faxing, and more — all at an affordable price.

The platform is a Surescripts® solution for cloud-based practice management and electronic medical record V5.0. It is certified for prescription routing messaging. Designed and built by healthcare experts, the software aims to streamline day-to-day operations for medical practices.

WRS Health comes with a useful patient portal that helps patients perform necessary functions by enabling them to keep track of their health records. Patients can easily schedule appointments and set automatic reminders to refill a prescription, preparing them to align on everything before the patient encounters. The solution additionally includes the functionality of medical billing. Users can ensure improved revenue and quicker reimbursements by putting everything in order. The software can be tailored to adapt to the workflow of any practices. Besides, their knowledgeable experts offer full transparency and guidance to improve outcomes.

WRS Health EHR Pricing: It offers three custom enterprise pricing plans for various institutions and teams. The pricing for their basic package starts at $274 per month, per user.

WRS Health EHR Pros: It is an excellent software solution that offers good value for the money. Their support team is responsive. Patients can see lab results that come into the solution in "real-time".

WRS Health EHR Cons: It is not so user-friendly for pediatrics. Their messaging system lacks the intuitiveness and is cumbersome.

Free Trial: WRS Healthcare solution does not offer a free trial.

Today's most popular FAQs

Do WRS Health have a telehealth solution?

Yes, WRS Health has a completely integrated telehealth solution, allowing users to have a single platform to manage virtual visits.

Does WRS Health have a mobile application?

Yes, WRSConnect is WRS Health’s mobile application which can be found on Play store and App store.

Is WRS Health certified?

Yes, it is 2015 CEHRT.

Is WRS Health suitable for small to medium practices?

Yes, WRS Health is suitable for small, medium, and large-sized practices.

WRS Health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

14 Reviews



Pulmonology and Sleep Services of San Antonio, LLC


April 2021

Great EHR software.

We've been using this product for 5 years and are very pleased with our decision. The customer support team provides us with outstanding assistance, training, and advice. Updates are made and training is provided on a regular basis. Yearly workshops are accessible to the customers as well.

Customizations are possible but not assured unless a provider upgrade is submitted and tested first.


Charleston Women's Wellness Center


April 2021

Using it since 2009.

I like how easy the program is to use. Having medical history, medical insurance cards, patient information, and other details at your disposal will save you a lot of time.

When the labs are linked, it would have been preferable if the pending orders were removed. With pending transactions, there is a lot of additional work.


Central Texas Pain Center


April 2021

A user-friendly product.

I like being able to print referrals, medical reports, and log in and study the physician's notes immediately after the appointment.

I would have liked it if the system's emailing tab displayed the complete conversation rather than just the reply to your sent email.


Children's International Medical Group


April 2021

Easy way to communicate.

WRS is simple to use and connect with other service providers.

Unless you submit a message as a task, you won't be able to see the responses you send to others.




April 2021

Overall good system.

I like the ability to tailor models to our specific requirements. The site is simple to use and navigate.

The fact that to start a new encounter, the previous one has to be completed first.


Children's International Medical Group


April 2021

Needs to be a little more simple.

I like the interface and how simple it is to navigate. The messaging system appeals to me.

The fact that I'm not able to chart and use Rcopia simultaneously. I also believe that the number of choices for notifications, assignments, and other items is excessive. A more coherent and straightforward framework is needed.


Golden Triangle Family Care Center


April 2021

Easy to customize.

WRS is simple to configure to suit the specific needs of every practice. It has an intuitive user interface, and training new staff is not tedious at all.

To be honest, nothing comes to mind when talking about its cons. If we want anything different, we just send a product request form to WRS, and their project team evaluates our requests. They satisfy all my requirements and expectations.


Pasadena Health Center


April 2021

Meets our needs.

It's easy to use and very straightforward. They have an excellent as well as an easily reachable support team. My problem is usually resolved by the first line of support.

Special requests for modifications will take a long time to enforce if they are implemented at all.



2-10 employees

July 2019

Excellent Program

A program with excellent training, great support, and awesome features.

The software does have a learning curve.


private practice

1 employee

February 2019


I am really very happy and pleased with the system. The system can be customized according to what you need or want. The support team is so quick in responding and helping out that you’d love them. The billing is also integrated with the system which is amazing. The billing module is quite great, and the billing support is phenomenal. The training was great. I like the system a lot.

The system has a learning curve to it, but the team that was assigned to help and train us were very patient. They helped us throughout whenever we needed their help. There isn’t anything else that is worth mentioning, because as a whole it’s a pretty good system.

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