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EyeMD EMR Healthcare Systems is a clinical workflow, functionality, and practice efficiency software created by ophthalmologists specifically for ophthalmology. EyeMD offers EMR and DICOM Imaging software for ophthalmology that can be connected with any HL7-compatible Practice Management (PM) software.  

Through its straightforward user interface, EyeMD EMR enhances productivity and saves time. It boosts clinical efficiency by streamlining operations during patient visits. The EyeMD Fast Plan tool assists clinicians by developing treatment plans automatically based on particular diagnostic codes. These coding tools also aid in the generation of an acceptable level of service by helping in the selection of billing codes.  

With its complete optical system, EyeMD EMR allows opticians to do inventory and track fulfillment. In addition, EyeMD's FlexSys is an all-in-one system for managing patient information, optical orders, prescription history, barcode inventory control, contact lens inventory, lab order management, and financial reporting.  

EyeMD EMR includes all of the necessary charting tools and templates to make charting straightforward. In addition, EyeMD can be used with diagnostic equipment that allows pictures to be seen on portable devices for more in-depth observation and evaluation. This can also help with documentation of the diagnosis and subsequent therapy for future progress reports.  

The Visit Summary tool in EyeMD EMR is one of the most valuable features since it allows physicians to receive automated visual notifications of any patient's problematic circumstances. Information from a patient's many visits is also gathered and aggregated. Staff can use Visit History Tools to evaluate, analyze, and compare patient findings, prior medication history, and diagnostic test results. It may be used by single practitioners, multi-location provider organizations, or hospitals of any size.  

Pros of EyeMD EMR: it is easy to use and simple user interface.  

Cons of EyeMD EMR: The software frequently slows down.  

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EyeMD EMR Software Reviews   

According to FindEMR, these are the top reviews for EyeMD EMR Software.  

Charles, Houston Eye Center

Pros: It's simple to use if you're familiar with the layout. Especially if you've previously customized it, the technical support team is fantastic, and the graphical user interface is excellent.  

Cons: Customer service is a significant issue.  

Conclusion: An excellent product.  

Fanny, Comprehensive Eye Care Center.  

Pros: Its comprehensive customization system enhances our optometry practice's charting productivity.  

Cons: The software isn't compatible with all devices.  

Conclusion: Customer service might be better.  

Thomas, Vision Care Facility.  

Pros: EyeMD can manage many clients with ease and comfort while still satisfying our requirements.  

Cons: It isn't easy to make judgments at first.  

Conclusion: It was simple to use, although it might improve navigation.  

Christina, MFHC  

Pros: I like that you can check your schedule on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.  

Cons: Poor customer service! You will constantly be placed on hold for too long, and when you speak with someone, they will not be helpful. 

EyeMD EMR Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

EyeMD EMR Software reviews

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