FreeMed is an open-source electronic health records solution. Since 1999, the vendor has been striving to ensure an optimized clinical stream and maximum profitability. This non-profit organization primarily works to provide cost-free assistance to all small and large-scale medical practices.  

Being a reliable platform, FreeMed comes with a built-in medical interface. Besides that, it features a trouble-free practice management system to expedite the growth rate of care centers. In addition, this free-to-use platform allows for next-level modification of all its services to fit the practice's requirements.  

Key Features 

Accounts Receivables 

Keeping tabs on all due payments is a cumbersome task. It needs extra effort and thus drains staff energy. However, it's not the case with FreeMed software. This quality platform helps deal with all the accounts receivables by featuring a dedicated financial service.  

Whether it's insurance reimbursements or patient invoices, the vendor handles it all. It runs thorough checks on all accounts to assure no payment is left unchecked. This way, it boosts the profitability rate and reduces the work pressure on administrative staff.  

Patient Management System 

FreeMed software comes with an exclusive patient management system. It works to ensure client satisfaction leaving no stone unturned. This service gets into play from the moment the patient steps foot in the clinic.  

It starts by digitizing the patient intake process and works till the end of the checkout process. In between, the patient management system manages the patient records, document files, registration process, insurance verification, and much more.  

Reporting Services 

The reporting module of FreeMed works wonders. For free software, FreeMed indeed has a lot to offer. The software puts its reporting services in action to conduct detailed reports to run checks on clinical performance. It is to help clinical providers in learning their weak areas.  

Doing so, it helps clients find a way to optimize all their clinical perspectives. This way, it improves the overall performance of clinics and leads practices to success. It results in streamlined clinical processes and enhanced patient satisfaction.  

FreeMed EMR Pricing 

FreeMed EMR offers in-budget pricing. However, contact the FreeMed EMR sales team to learn the current pricing details.  

FreeMed EMR Demo 

A free demo is offered by FreeMed EMR. To avail the FreeMed EMR demo, visit its official demo. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to assess the vendor in real-time circumstances.   

FreeMed EMR Reviews 

A highly optimistic outlook surrounds FreeMed EHR. Even though it's a free hospital management solution, the vendor leaves no room for doubting its capabilities. The reviews of FreeMed EHR say that it is a comprehensive solution that takes pride in offering best-in-class services. Go to the comments section below to learn more about FreeMed EHR Reviews.  

Our Opinion 

FreeMed is an EMR of high potential. It shapes the clinical workflow from the ground up, nurturing a stress-free clinical experience for the care providers. The fact that the vendor offers billing and remittance facilities adds to its worth. Above all, FreeMed offers expert customer support via phone and email. This gives providers one more reason to opt for this comprehensive solution.  

FreeMED Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Is FreeMed an EMR or EHR?

Both EMR and EHR features are included in FreeMed software.

Is FreeMed software free?

Yes, FreeMed is free and open-source software.

What is the implementation process for FreeMed software?

The details about the FreeMed software implementation process are not provided on the vendor website. To obtain more information, click on ‘Get Pricing’ button above to get a custom quote.

Who are the main users of FreeMed EMR Software?

The main users of FreeMed EMR Software are the healthcare providers in medical facilities of all sizes.

FreeMED Pricing

Small Organization

Within Budget

Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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FreeMED reviews

Overall Rating

3 Reviews



Hospital & Healthcare

11-50 employees

January 2023

Excellent software.

I think I have been more productive ever since the hospital shifted towards an EHR, specifically FreeMED. We used to be a small practice, so everything was done manually, and records were maintained on paper. Since everything is done digitally now, it saves me time to focus more on the level of healthcare I can provide. They do claim to offer EMR services but I have yet to try that. I use it for patient appointment scheduling and client registrations. Billing is currently being done with another software but I'd like to try it out on FreeMED in the future.

They severely lack an efficient customer support system. For whatever reason, they rarely respond to complaints and even if they do, they hardly have a fix for the problem. I'm sure it's partly due to the software being free, which may cause some funding issues, but some technical personnel should be on board with them at this point. Any feature you might want to use, you're on your own for that. There are also no formal training videos or sessions available. It all kind of comes down to your budget and the level of dedication of your team.

Mae H.

Medical Practice

1-10 employees

January 2023

It takes the load off of your back.

I run a very small practice (just 6 employees including myself) and usually had to stay very late to complete the documentation and records before leaving. It is all in the past now since I have transferred most of my workload over to FreeMED. Almost everything can be automated, given a bit of an extra effort. I also personally know practitioners that have improved their practice efficiency through this software by focusing more on their practice rather than office functions. I love how customizable the system is! It makes practice management a breeze.

They have a very inconvenient update schedule. Nothing seems organized in that department if you ask me. Most of the issues are left untouched until 2 or 3 updates later and there's no list of changes accompanying said updates. Thankfully, whatever I need out of this software works just fine. I'd also like to highlight that while everything can be customized easily, editing the entries is not simple at all. A lot of unnecessary steps are required before you're able to edit anything, forcing you to scrap the entry altogether and start again.

Cole P.

Medical Practice

11-50 employees

November 2022

A good software held back by the customer service.

FreeMed is basically a free software (since a lot can be done without paying a dime) which has made it a very strong contender in the EHR market. I personally appreciate the way it is laid out with the modules being exactly where you'd expect them; all buttons and tabs are clearly visible. What's great is that all the modules can be accessed easily from anywhere since they’re neatly integrated. It also eliminates the need to constantly switch between different panels. All features can be customized, and you control what appears on your screen completely!

I would have been sold completely if they offered EMR facilities and a complete medical practice management solution. Working with two to three different software to manage the appointments and billing is not ideal. Especially if you consider my case where only two doctors are incharge of all management. If you ever need help, be prepared to waste an entire day waiting for the customer service to get back to you. They are very slow in this regard and reaching them is only possible through their website.

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