Fusion Web Clinic Software

What is Fusion Web Clinic Software?  


Fusion Web Clinic software is an integrated cloud-based solution that helps pediatric therapy clinics streamline clinical, financial, and operational workflows. It offers a variety of management tools, suitable for pediatric care, to enhance patient recordkeeping and treatment. The software provides easy access to patient data with a consolidated calendar, appointment reminders, and a patient portal, thereby streamlining practice schedules.  

What is Fusion Web Clinic Software best for?  

 Fusion Web Clinic is known for making workflow management easier for therapists. It facilitates pediatricians by reducing their clinical burdens and improving collaboration. Fusion EMR allows you to easily access patient records and streamline documentation through its prebuilt pediatric material, SOAPs, and evaluation templates.  

The software is also useful for clinical reporting and tracking patient progress to deliver better treatment to the patients. Adding to that, the platform offers centralized, adaptable access and secure communication to healthcare doctors, nurses, and employees. The users do not have to worry about the leaking of confidential patient data and can focus entirely on quality care, which is a huge advantage as well.   

Fusion Web Clinic Pricing  

There are three Fusion Web Clinic packages for two types of customers – Multi-users and single users. The features offered for both types of users are the same, only the pricing differs. The three packages offered by the company are Basic EMR, Enhanced EMR, and Billing EMR.   

  • The Basic EMR plan is available for $89 / month for a single user and $29 / month for minimum 5 users. The Basic plan includes all the essential features required by a pediatric practice.  
  • The Enhanced EMR plan is available $119 / month for a single user and $39 for 5 users. Enhanced plan offers everything included in the Basic EMR package along with additional management tools needed to optimize your healthcare clinic.  
  • Meanwhile, the Billing EMR plan is an all-in-one clinic management solution that provides multiple features from scheduling to billing. You can find a detailed pricing table of all packages at the bottom of this page. 

In short, Fusion Web Clinic pricing caters to the different needs of the users. Moreover, you can click on the “Get Pricing” option to get a personalized quotation for your practice.  

Fusion Web Clinic Software Integrations  

No information is publicly available on Fusion Web EMR’s about the applications it integrates with. However, you can contact our customer support representatives for any queries and they will connect you to a software suitable for your practice. 

How does Fusion Web Clinic Software work?  

You will get access to the Fusion Web Clinic Software after it has been installed in your organization’s systems. You can navigate the software through the following simple steps: 

  • View all tabs on the right side of the dashboard. Each tab refers to the features provided by the software.   
  • Schedule upcoming appointments with Fusion Web Clinic and set reminders.  
  • Access patient records and history conveniently. 
  • Click on ‘My Reports’ tab for real-time insights and reports.  
  • Click on the ‘Billing’ tab to generate claims automatically and handle patient payments directly within the application.   

The software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. However, you can click on the “Watch Demo” option to access the Fusion Web Clinic demo before investing in it.  

Who is Fusion Web Clinic Software for?  

Fusion Web Clinic software is designed for a healthcare organization that wants to organize its operations. The application is specially made to help the following departments and specialists:  

  • Physical therapists  
  • Speech therapists  
  • Pediatric occupational therapists  
  • Small to large-sized medical institutes  

Fusion Web Clinic Software Features  

  • Patient Charting and Documentation  
    With more than 80 built-in pediatric-focused templates, standardized tests, and common expressions, you can streamline patient charting. With simple-to-understand visuals and patient reports, set objectives and track patient progress.
  • Claims Management  
    Create claims automatically with every session, finish and scrub claims using its automated Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and customize claim guidelines. Send claims to any payer and follow up on them until you get paid.  
  • Reporting and Data Visualization  
    Create individualized reports and use logical graphs and charts to visualize every facet of the practice. With its real-time clinical overview dashboards, you can keep an eye on the finances, performance, productivity, and patient turnout of your practice.  
  • Home education program  
    Enhance the effectiveness of home exercise programs by easily delegating tasks to carers, personalizing and uploading exercises, and recording programs or files.  
  • Billing and Payment  
    Produce and handle superbills for third-party payers in addition to precise coding at the point of care. Utilize its credit card processor to manage patient transactions conveniently.  

Is Fusion Web Clinic Software right for you?  

If you are running a therapy clinic, then Fusion Web Clinic software might be the right choice for you. However, before finalizing it as your permanent EMR system, it is important to consider additional factors.  

Firstly, you need to analyze the services offered by the software. If it matches the operational tasks of your healthcare practice, then it is a green flag for the software. The next factor in line is the cost of the software. It is possible that Fusion Web Clinic Software offers all the features you need, but not under your budget. In this case, you can click the ‘Get Pricing’ button and our experts will help you source a customized pricing quotation for your practice.  

Moreover, one of the most important factors is the security and compliance standards provided by the platform. FusionWebClinic provides encrypted messaging as well as HIPPA and other regulatory compliance through its high-level security features. If security is a top concern for you, then Fusion Web Clinic is a suitable choice.  

Additional ways to analyze whether the application is the perfect fit for you includes Fusion Web Clinic reviews and demo. Both will help you understand how the software works and what are the ins and outs of the system. You can access a free demo of the software via the ‘Watch Demo’ button above.

Fusion Web Clinic Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Fusion Web Clinic Software cost?

The starting price of Fusion Web Clinic Software is $29 a month for a minimum of 5 users with no set-up cost. You can get further details about the software packages by clicking on the “Get Pricing” option.

Is Fusion Web Clinic Software cloud-based?

Yes, Fusion Web Clinic software is a cloud-based EMR solution.

What are the main features of Fusion Web Clinic Software? 

Fusion Web Clinic Software offers several features to its users including data visualization, reporting, billing and claims management, and HIPPA compliance.

What level of support does Fusion Web Clinic Software have?

Fusion Web Clinic Software offers email and phone support to users to help them solve their queries. Additionally, it also provides a resource library to train new users.

Who are the main users of Fusion Web Clinic Software?

The main users of Fusion Web Clinic software include pediatricians and therapists; specifically physical and speech therapists.

Fusion Web Clinic Software reviews

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