Epitomax Software

What is Epitomax Software?  


Epitomax is an all-in-one web-based EMR software that aims to enhance patient outcomes and practice operations for behavioral health and mental health professionals. Epitomax enables doctors to access patient charts, manage clinical data, test results, vaccinations, and prescriptions in a HIPAA compliant secure and interoperable environment. 

What is Epitomax software best for?  

Epitomax is an ideal choice for independent health providers looking to streamline their workflow while improving the quality of care they provide to their patients. 

Epitomax helps healthcare providers avoid scheduling errors and maximize the number of appointments. Its automated reminders, personalized for each patient, ensure that they remember their appointment and increase patient attendance. Epitomax enables optimizing schedules and boost patient turnout, so you can see more patients every day and spend less time reminding them about their upcoming appointments.  

Epitomax Pricing

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Epitomax Software Integrations  

Epitomax allows its users to integrate with immunization registries. This enables users to exchange vaccination data, track orders, and handle their prescriptions with ease. Additionally, it integrates with following accounting software’s: 

  • QuickBooks Pro 
  • General Ledger Systems 

Talk to our sales specialists to learn more about the Epitomax integrations. Moreover, you can also click on the "Watch Demo" to access the Epitomax demo and learn first-hand about the platform. 

How does Epitomax software work?

Once you have bought the software package for your company, the next thing is to implement the software. Here are the steps to successfully implement Epitomax software:

  1. Go to the login portal, enter your credentials. 
  2. Go to your profile to add your information. 
  3. Enter data in a sequence, starting with location, address (building name, address, city, state, postal code, country), contact information, hospital details, background and text color. 
  4. Click on "Update" button to save the settings. 
  5. Set up G/L account by clicking on code table maintenance and filling in the required information. 
  6. Click on "Program Maintenance" to enter all programs your organization will run. 
  7. Setup activity classes for scheduling and reporting as needed. 
  8. Introduce discipline that will classify employees and determine rate for tasks they perform. 
  9. Access dashboard to carry out daily tasks once all of these steps are completed.

Who is Epitomax Software for?

Epitomax Software is designed for mental and behavioral health providers who are looking to improve patient outcomes and practice efficiency. It is an all-in-one web-based ONC-certified solution that combines electronic health records, practice management, and billing into a single enterprise system. This makes it easier to manage administrative tasks while providing enhanced clinical capabilities. Overall, Epitomax Software is an ideal solution for mental and behavioral health providers of all sizes who are looking to streamline their operations while improving patient outcomes.

Epitomax Features 

  • Clinical Charting  
    Epitomax is an innovative clinical charting tool that provides healthcare providers with the ability to maintain a secure electronic clinical records database. Epitomax uses comprehensive patient data and clinical architecture to create individualized forms, progress notes, and treatment plans specifically customized for each patient's needs. Epitomax brings detailed structure, accuracy, and efficiency to healthcare operations, providing practitioners with access to more reliable patient care information. 
  • Patient Portal  
    Epitomax is the perfect solution for healthcare organizations that need to provide easy access to their patients. Our online patient portal offers a web-based platform where clinical files, lab reports, prescriptions, and appointment scheduling can be managed without any additional downloads. Epitomax provides an intuitive user interface and excellent customer support to make sure that our patients feel comfortable using our platform while keeping their medical information secure. With Epitomax, healthcare providers can rest assured that all their patient's data is protected while having an efficient tool available to easily access medical records and keep them organized. 
  • Scanning and Document Management  
    Epitomax focuses on scanning and document management solutions to meet the demands of medical professionals. Epitomax allows for both the digital capturing of e-signatures and the physical scanning of documents or barcode data. Epitomax makes it easy to manage, index, and access all documents directly from the clinical database, giving it greater efficiency and accuracy than ever before. Epitomax provides a comprehensive solution that advances document management strategies in the medical industry. 
  • CPOE and Lab Interface   
    Epitomax's CPOE and lab interface system provides an efficient way to send and receive patient orders. This centralized database allows healthcare professionals to quickly access medication, test reports, lab results, and diagnostic studies. Epitomax's network is accessible 24/7, ensuring that healthcare professionals have the information they need to provide high-quality patient care at any time. By helping healthcare professionals streamline their data-sharing processes, Epitomax’s CPOE and lab interface system can help them save precious time and energy when managing patient health information. 

Is Epitomax Software Right for You?  

Epitomax is an ONC-certified EMR solution primarily designed for mental and behavioral healthcare institutions. Providing patients with secure and detailed patient information and clinical summaries is a top priority of the application. So, if you are looking forward to an EMR solution that maintains HIPAA compliance standards, then Epitomax is the right software for you. 

Additionally, you can refer to the Epitomax reviews to analyze whether the software fulfills what it promises. Several software review websites have given positive user ratings for the software due to the functionalities it offers, such as e-prescribing, CPOE and lab interfaces, and patient portals. If these are some of the top prioritized features you want for your organization, then Epitomax is likely the right choice for you. 

Adding to that, you can request an Epitomax demo by clicking on the "Get Demo" option. It will give you a comprehensive experience of how the system works. This way, you can decide whether the software is worth paying for before investing in it. 

Epitomax Pricing 

 Looking for Epitomax software but can't figure out the pricing? Click "Get Pricing" to get a personalized quote. Get a rough estimate of what you need to pay and start using powerful features such as e-prescribing, cloud storage, and lab integration today! 


  • Training: Epitomax provides training to all of its customers that makes it easy for them to get started with the software.
  • Maximize Reimbursements: The software enhances first-time acceptance rates and you can get paid sooner by using claim auditing.


  • Document Accessibility: It takes more time to access certain documents as users have to navigate through several pages.
  • Glitches: A lot of consumers have reported occasional glitches and performance issues.

Epitomax Software Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does Epitomax Software cost?

Epitomax does not provide a clear pricing strategy on its website. You can click on the "Get Pricing" button to speak with our sales representative and get a personalized pricing quotation.

Is Epitomax Software cloud-based?

Yes, Epitomax software is a cloud-based EMR solution that runs entirely over the web.

What are the main features of Epitomax Software?

Epitomax software offers several features including HIPAA compliance, billing, reporting, practice scheduling, and practice management.

What level of support does Epitomax Software have?

Epitomax software provides online chat and phone support.

Who are the main users of Epitomax Software?

The main users of Epitomax software include small to large-scale behavioral healthcare institutions as well as NGOs and government institutes.

Epitomax Software Pricing

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Epitomax Software reviews

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