Power Diary Software

What Is Power Diary Software?


Power Diary is an online practice management software that assists health professionals in optimizing and overseeing the daily operations of clinics. A user-friendly interface and mobile compatibility enable health practitioners to deliver care when and where it's required. The software offers features like calendar management, scheduling, automated appointment reminders, and client invoicing. In addition, Power Diary also provides treatment note templates, reporting and analytics, telehealth and a client portal.

What Is Power Diary Software Best For?

Power Diary software provides practice owners with a versatile calendar system, ensuring quick and centralized appointment access. With a simple one-click appointment management feature, practitioners can efficiently navigate their schedules. Including automated SMS and email appointment reminders minimizes client cancellations and no-shows, enhancing practice efficiency.

Furthermore, the calendar offers additional features such as recurring roster patterns, customizable online availability, personalized grouping options, color coding for easy reference, quick toggle functionality, and more.

Power Diary Pricing

The software offers the following subscription options:

  • JUST ME - $5/practitioner/week
  • LIGHT - $58/2-3 practitioners/week
  • GROWTH - $13/4-9 practitioners/week
  • MEDIUM - $21/10-20 practitioners/week
  • PLUS - $30/week

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.

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Power Diary Software Integrations

The clinic management software integrates with the following applications:

  • Xero
  • MailChimp
  • Stripe
  • Physitrack
  • Google Calendar
  • Tyro

How Does Power Diary Software Work?

Here's how you can navigate the dashboard and make use of the software's features:

  • Log in using your Power Diary credentials
  • Create a new patient file and enter all relevant information
  • Schedule appointments and smart appointment reminders with the Calendar 
  • Choose a clinician, service and slot with the online booking functionality
  • Easily record patient data and treatment notes with online forms
  • Bill patients and manage payment processing efficiently
  • Access insightful reports to track your practice's performance
  • Manage online video consultation sessions with telehealth

You can also schedule a free Power Diary demo to gain insight into the tool's functionalities.

Who Is Power Diary Software For?

Power Diary caters to health practices of varying sizes, accommodating solo practitioners as well as extensive, multi-location practices. It can be used by the following:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Speech therapy
  • Podiatry
  • Osteopathy
  • Chiropractic
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutrition & dietetics
  • Mental health care specialties

Power Diary Features

The software offers the following advanced features:

  • Client Portal

The client portal is a valuable tool that enhances the patient experience. It empowers clients to access their appointments, invoices, and health records. This feature fosters transparency and communication, allowing clients to stay engaged and informed about their healthcare journey.

  • Telehealth

The telehealth functionality brings healthcare services directly to the client's location. With secure and reliable video conferencing, practitioners can conduct remote consultations, making it an ideal solution for telemedicine. With this feature, Power Diary ensures continuity of care, regardless of physical distance, and is especially relevant in today's digital healthcare landscape.

  • Reports And Analytics

Power Diary offers various customizable reports, allowing healthcare professionals to track appointment trends, financial data, and patient history. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions to improve practice efficiency.

  • Online Forms And Clinical Notes

This feature simplifies the process of documentation and record-keeping. Practitioners can create and customize clinical note templates, making capturing and storing essential patient information easy. Online forms can be tailored to collect specific patient data, enhancing the overall efficiency of healthcare record management.

  • Text Messaging

The software also offers features that support seamless communication between practitioners and clients. With its secure text messaging feature, Power Diary offers the convenience of appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and improving patient engagement. Additionally, it allows for efficient communication with clients, ensuring that vital information is conveyed promptly, ultimately enhancing the patient-practitioner relationship.

  • Is Power Diary Software Right For You?

Power Diary is a scalable practice management solution, ideally suited for healthcare environments and wellness clinics aiming to optimize operational efficiency while delivering top-quality patient care. The software automates everyday tasks to reduce administrative burdens with features like easy scheduling, payment management, reporting, telehealth, and documentation.

Power Diary is GDPR, CCP, PIPEDA, HIPAA-compliant, and ISO 27001 Certified. This guarantees data safety and privacy, making it a reliable user choice. With great scalability, the software evolves according to your organization's needs.

Still not sure whether Power Diary is the right fit for your practice? Contact us at (315) 215-3447, and we will help you make an informed choice.

Power Diary Software Pricing Plans

What’s included
8 / practitioner/week
  • Waitlist functionality
  • Marketing tools
  • Data tagging
  • Client invoices
  • Unlimited locations
  • Telehealth video sessions
  • Practitioner bookings
  • Automated SMS
    & Email Reminders
  • Client CRM
  • Pre-formatted treatment notes
  • Create customized note templates
  • Accept multiple payment methods
    & manage outstanding accounts
  • Online forms
  • Fully customizable
  • Communicate easily using
    2-way SMS chats with clients
  • Instant letter writing tool
  • Online booking portal
  • Customizable reports
  • Online payments

Disclaimer: The pricing is subject to change.



  • Ease-of-use: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.
  • Expensive: It is modern, affordable and easy-to-use.

Power Diary Software Features


Appointment Management/Scheduling




Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Customizable Forms/Reports


Document Management


Lab Integration


Online Payments


Immunization And Allergy Tracking


Mobile App




Order Management


Reporting And Analytics


Billing And Invoicing


Insurance Eligibility Verification


Claims Management


Inventory Management


Referral Management




Patient Demographics

Today's most popular FAQs

How does Power Diary software help health systems?

Power Diary helps health clinics streamline everyday operations and enhance patient care. Users can enjoy secure payment processing, note-taking, telehealth facilities and online bookings.

How much does Power Diary software cost?

Power Diary software pricing varies based on your practice's unique requirements. The software offers five subscription models: JUST ME, LIGHT, GROWTH, MEDIUM, and PLUS. There is also a free trial available.

Is Power Diary software cloud-based?

Yes, Power Diary is cloud-based.

What level of support does Power Diary software offer?

Power Diary software provides email, phone, live chat, a knowledge base, FAQs, form submission and video tutorials. Customer support is also quite helpful.

Who are the typical users of Power Diary software?

Power Diary software's primary users include solo practitioners and large practices. It caters to various specialties, such as speech therapy, podiatry, chiropractic, psychology, osteopathy and massage therapy.

Power Diary Software Pricing


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Medium Organization


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Large Organization


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