RxVantage Software

RxVantage is a cloud-based healthcare management software that provides communication improvement methods between medical practitioners and their representatives. It allows you to streamline your collaboration methods with different integrated tools and features. It provides two-way communication channels with attachment and file-sharing features. The software provides notifications and alerts for reminders and other updates. It offers booking rule optimization for health book editing and storage. 

You can use the online storage for patient directories and medical record keeping. It saves time for any medical specialty or practice size, including practitioners, clinics, healthcare facility centers, hospitals, and general physicians. It minimizes staff care time for productivity management and performance improvement. This SaaS software is compatible with all Android, iOS, and web-based devices. It offers compliance tracking and automated rule enforcement. 

Key Features  

Integrated Meeting Scheduling 

It has integrated calendars for scheduling video calls and virtual meetings. It sends reminders for meetings with a set timer. You can send patient data and reports to representatives. It offers hassle-free video conferencing features with multi-location settings. Automated logistic settings, zero-cost HD video, and annotations improve your collaboration experience. You can change catering preferences with a single click in RxVantage EHR. 

Medical Technology Education 

It combines rural practices with medical education. You can discuss cases with your reps and provide customized solutions to patients. This healthcare management system provides advanced topic research and settings before meetings. You can RSVP to off-site speaker programs for pre-booked meetings and classes. 

Speaker Programs  

You can book offsite events and organize your speaker programs. It helps in preparing a hand-selected list of participants. You can summarize reports and manage ratings with the software. It provides early attendance list details and a complete medical directory. 

RxVantage Software Pricing 

RxVantage's price starts at $150.00 per month per user. The details of plans and RxVantage costs for different models can be accessed by clicking on the "Get Pricing" button above. 

RxVantage Software Demo 

The free version of the software is available to all practitioners for medical practice. RxVantage also offers a free trial of the paid version. You can get application training through Email/Help Desk, FAQs/forums, Knowledge Base, Phone Support, Chat, Live Online, Webinars, and Documentation. You can experience a live RxVantage demo and product details by clicking on the "Watch Demo" button. 

RxVantage Software Reviews 

The software has been rated five stars all over the internet. All users suggest the EMR application for communication improvement and reputation management. It is an easy-to-use platform that helps improve hospital branding and acquire more patients. For more RxVantage reviews and customer insights, go to the Reviews Section. 

Our Thoughts  

RxVantage App is web-based medical management software that provides one-to-one solutions for both practitioners and their reps. It offers low-cost prescriptions and e-prescriptions for patients. You can keep notes and share details with team members and stakeholders easily. It offers co-pay cards for payments and real-time notifications about updates. 

Today's most popular FAQs

What is RXVantage software mainly used for?

RXVantage software blends life science businesses' instructional resources with self-service access for medical clinics.

Which medical departments prefer RxVantage software?

Physician's offices that see life science representatives or want to access ongoing clinical education prefer RXVantage. The software is suitable in any medical specialty or practice size.

Which platforms does Rxvantage software support?

RXVantage is software that runs in the cloud, but it also has apps for Android and Apple devices.

RxVantage Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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RxVantage Software reviews

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