Falcon Silver EHR Software by DaVita®

Falcon Silver EHR is a cloud-based program that provides nephrologists and dialysis clinics with a complete solution. The program is intended to increase productivity and patient care by streamlining the documentation process. It gives nephrology practices a way to get rid of paper and save time and money while going green. 

The program is fully compliant with Meaningful Use guidelines and has an easy-to-navigate user interface. It also includes a secure messaging system, allowing nephrology practitioners to connect with one another in a secure and timely manner. Overall, Falcon Silver EHR is a creative and affordable solution that can help nephrology offices be more productive and give better care to their patients.

Key Features 

Financial Reporting 

The Falcon Silver EHR software includes a financial reporting functionality that aids in the invoicing process. This tool allows customers to track payments, denials, and overall financial performance by providing them with a number of configurable reports. Furthermore, the software has a claim scrubber that can assist in identifying flaws and potential problems with claims before they are submitted. So, because the software speeds up the billing process and cuts down on claim errors, it can help save time and money.

Management of Laboratory Data 

The Falcon Silver EHR software includes a lab data management tool that can aid in the collection and management of lab data. Users can securely gather lab data from a variety of sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs), practice management systems, and paper charts, using this capability. Also, the software gives users a number of tools to help them manage lab data, like the ability to make custom reports and keep track of test results over time. 


The Falcon Silver EHR software includes an e-prescribing capability that can help to streamline the medication-prescription procedure. This function allows customers to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically, removing the need for paper prescriptions. Also, the software gives users a number of tools to help them manage prescriptions, like the ability to keep track of prescriptions over time and make their own reports.

Falcon Silver EHR Pricing  

The software pricing has not been made public, but you can request a price quote on their site.

Falcon Silver EHR Demo 

You can request and watch a free demo to see how the Falcon Silver EHR works. The software does not offer any free trials.

Falcon Silver EHR Reviews 

There are a lot of positive reviews online, applauding the software for its simplicity, paperless office solution, and potential to save time and money. The user also complimented Falcon Silver EHR features like financial reporting, lab data management, and e-prescribing. More reviews can be found in our review area.

Our Thoughts 

Falcon Silver EHR is a complete Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution designed to satisfy the needs of dialysis centers. The program can handle all data and information pertaining to patients, staff, and clinics while also adhering to all federal and state requirements pertaining to electronic health records. The software creates a safe environment for data storage and retrieval. If you need an EHR solution for your dialysis center, Falcon Silver EHR is a great choice to look into.

Falcon Silver EHR Software by DaVita® Features






Patient Portal


Compliance Tracking


Practice Management Software


Patient Demographics


Lab Integration


Employee Management


Appointment Scheduling


Voice Recognition


Mobile App


Telemedicine Software


Appointment Reminders


Reporting and Analytics


Medical Billing Service

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Falcon Silver EHR offer a free trial?

No, DaVita Physician Solutions does not provide any free trials for Falcon Silver EHR.

Is the Falcon Silver EHR only for Nephrology?

Yes, the Falcon Silver EHR software is designed specifically for nephrology.

What are the pricing plans for the Falcon Silver EHR software?

DaVita Physician Solutions does not provide the pricing plan for Falcon Silver EHR on its official website. Although the customer can contact DaVita Physician Solutions for a pricing quote.

Which operating systems does Falcon Silver EHR support?

DaVita Physician Solutions does not provide that particular detail about the Falcon Silver EHR. Because it is cloud-based software, it is most likely to be compatible with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS.

Falcon Silver EHR Software by DaVita® reviews

Overall Rating

7 Reviews



Global Wellness Management


April 2023

User, trainer, and Developer

The number of customizations and frequency updates are moderate which makes it easier to handle it.

The way the software is used in healthcare practices, whether it be small, medium, or large.


Blu Bird


February 2023

Well-equipped with features

Falcon is a very detailed software and I love that about it analysis tools are phenomenal.

You cannot make a specific URL to your brand.


Medical Practice

1-10 employees

January 2023

Performs phenomenally

I have been using it for optometry practice, and it feels like it was custom made for this! It has so much that relates to my practice, like eyesight data entry, which can be charted against age and common health issues. I manage my entire practice using this software, which includes billing as well. This has eliminated the need for me to bounce back and forth between different software. My assistants and other nurses can extract whatever data I ask of them during practice with ease, and they love using this software.

Everything it offers works reasonably well except for the patient portal, which is not the most needed feature currently, but I did pay for it, so it would be better if it worked. Data entry is easy and works well enough, but it has its own limitations. Like multiple users cannot work on the same file. For example, if the receptionist opened a patient's file and forgot to close it, Another user inside the practice room cannot add comments unless they go outside and get the file closed.

Leo S.

Medical Practice

11-50 employees

December 2022

One of the best products on the market

Falcon is by far the easiest software, which can be used by experienced professionals and new students currently learning how to maintain their own practice. It allows for easy patient data management, which then makes charting very intuitive. All your data is sorted and organized, so you'll know where everything is. They have made it such that everything is accessible within a few clicks and the user experience is as smooth as possible. It has really made us more productive. highly recommended for small to midsized medical practices.

It is not free from errors, sadly. They have been hard at work as of late trying to fix the problems, but the ones I face are not top priorities, I think. Billing, for example, is very glitchy and sometimes needs to be done twice since the data is lost out of the blue. However, the data loss is not common, and I have been able to recover it with the help of the support team. The software was fixed, and it started saving everything automatically at fixed intervals to make sure data loss never happens again.


Hospital & Healthcare

11-50 employees

November 2022

One of the best health software i ever came across in my career

Falcon provides a complete EHR experience with great customer support. The software is not really made for nephrology but still works exceptionally well and does most of the tasks perfectly. They have a collection of the best features available on the market separately, which makes it a one-stop shop for all your practice needs. The support team is helpful in ironing out any bugs that pop up from time to time and listening to our complaints and recommendations. They are a small company by comparison, but I'm sure they will excel in the future.

It offers helpful templates, but they are not customizable as such. All the templates are geared towards other practices, and only a few can be used for mine, so I have to develop my own in order to work efficiently. I wouldn't have this complaint if I were running a dialysis clinic, which I think is the most exact use-case scenario for the software. They do provide frequent, timely updates that resolve the majority of the issues, so it's still acceptable if there's something they can't do right now. I'm sure it will be addressed in a future update.


Large Private nephrology practice

1,001-5,000 employees

December 2019

Poor choice

The team is really supportive, helpful, and nice, but the product is highly flawed. This product does not at all support a nephrology practice which is busy at all times.

I don’t like anything about this product, so for me, the entire functionality of the product is a con.


Modern Dialysis Urgent Care


August 2018

Good templates.

The templates can be customized. It has a fairly simple user interface. The templates that they provide helps me save time and allows me to see more patients. This system is a great suit for our dialysis clinics.

There isn’t anything in particularly bad about this product.

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