75health EHR Software

What Is 75health? 


75Health is a cloud based EHR (Electronic Health Records) software for healthcare providers and medical practitioners. The user-friendly and efficient software allows healthcare providers to easily access and manage patient information. Its key features include appointment scheduling, medical billing, and medication management. 

The software can also be used for drug list management, streamlining digital records, and generating automated emails. Healthcare providers can also share patient records securely and collaborate with others in real-time. 

What Is 75health Best For? 

One of the outstanding features of 75health is that it is highly customizable, allowing healthcare providers to tailor the software to their specific needs and workflows. Users can customize their dashboard with widgets such as patient lists, appointment schedules, and task lists. The software's screen layout and design can also be customized to suit the healthcare provider's needs. 

75health Pricing 

The software offers 4-tiered pricing: 

  • Lite - $0, freemium  
  • Basic - $10, paid monthly/per user 
  • Premium - $25 paid monthly/per user 
  • Enterprise - $40, paid monthly/per user 

See the details of each subscription plan in the pricing table. 

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75health Integrations  

The software may integrate with other third-party applications. However, 75health does not disclose any information regarding the integration options. 

How Does 75health Work? 

Here is how you can get started with 75health software: 

  • Customize your account preferences, such as time zone, default currency, and language 
  • Configure your practice's general information, including practice name, address, and contact details 
  • Set your practice schedule. This includes setting your working hours, consultation timing, holidays, and availability 
  • Add your staff members and assign roles based on their functionalities 
  • Manage settings for billing, patient demographics, case sheets, and more using templates, forms, and reports 

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Who Is 75health For? 

75health is a practice management software that simplifies clinical management by streamlining patient statements, vaccination tracking, and e-prescribing. It is designed for medical practices of all sizes and is generally used by: 

  • Healthcare providers 
  • Nursing staff 
  • General physicians 
  • Medical billing companies 

75health Features 

  • Reports And Immunization Details 
    A range of reports allows healthcare providers to make informed decisions and improve patient care. These reports are customizable and can be filtered to meet specific needs, making it easier for healthcare providers to identify areas that require attention.  
    In addition, the immunization details feature of the 75Health EHR software helps healthcare providers keep track of patient vaccinations. 
  • Medical Billing 
    Healthcare providers can streamline their billing processes and get paid faster. It simplifies the billing process by automating claims submission, reducing errors, and improving accuracy.  
    75health verifies patient eligibility, ensures correct codes are used, and submits claims directly to insurance companies. It can also generate invoices, track payments, and manage the revenue cycle management. 
  • Lab Tests And Results 
    Healthcare providers can order lab tests and track results using this feature. With this feature, healthcare providers can order a wide range of lab tests, including bloodwork, urine tests, and more.  
    Patient samples are collected and sent to a certified lab for testing, and the lab results are then returned to the healthcare provider, who can view and analyze the results directly from the system. 
  • Patient History 
    The medical history feature of the 75Health EHR software provides healthcare providers with a detailed record of a patient's medical history. They can access information quickly, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of their patients’ health status.  
    This feature includes a comprehensive account of a patient's medical conditions, symptom lists, hospitalizations, medications prescribed, allergies, and other relevant information. 
  • Diagnosis And Medication 
    This feature helps healthcare providers accurately diagnose and treat patients. It makes the process of entering diagnoses and prescribing medications easy and efficient.  

75health allows healthcare providers to quickly search through ICD-10 codes and find the appropriate diagnosis for a patient's condition. The system also prompts healthcare providers to enter additional details about the diagnosis, including its onset, resolution, and severity. 

Is 75health Right For You? 

75health supports practice management with excellent features to create patient care plans, simplify practice documents, and provide video conferencing. It can be used to manage patient data, including consent forms and symptom lists. 

It is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant medical platform designed for medical professionals, offering healthcare in small and large practices. However, you may want to consider costs and features before signing up for a subscription plan. 

Check out 75health reviews to see how the software is rated among its current users. 

75health Pricing   

  • Lite
  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Enterprise
0 / month
10 / month
25 / month
40 / month
What’s included
(Lite Plan Features)
What’s included
(Basic Plan Features)
What’s included
(Premium Plan Features)
What’s included
(Enterprise Plan Features)
  • User Addition
  • Patient Creation
  • EHR Creation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Bill Generation
  • Imports & Exports
All Lite Features +
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Unlimited Medical Records Charting
  • 24x7 Secure Cloud Access
  • Migration Services
  • HIPAA Security
  • Support
  • Payment Portal
  • Calendar Viewer
  • Email OTP
  • Semi Offline Support
  • Patient Notifications
  • Doctor Notifications
  • Patient Portal
  • Archive Data
  • Delete Data
  • Internal Messaging System
  • Training
  • Use your Logo
All Basic Features +
  • Generate Reports
  • Workflows
  • SMS Notifications
  • Medical Codes
  • Custom Forms
  • Attach File in EHR
  • Premium Support
  • Audit Logs
All Premium Features +
  • Manage your organization's branding
  • Set your own logo
  • Set your own Organization name
  • Attach your logos to the email
  • Emails Previews
  • Shortcut Mini-list EHR in Patient Profile
  • Patient profile Activites
  • EHR Activities
  • Enterprise Support

You may discuss your options with our sales rep and get a suitable plan. Click Get Pricing to see what the software will cost you in the long run.  


  • Highly customizable
  • Cloud-based, making documents accessible from anywhere
  • An intuitive interface and easy to use


  • Does not offer 24/7 support

Today's most popular FAQs

Does 75health offer an API?

No, 75health software does not offer an API for its users.

What languages does 75health support?

75health software supports the following languages: English.

What level of support does 75health offer?

75health offers the following support options: phone support, chat, 24/7 live rep, and email/help desk.

75health EHR Software reviews

Overall Rating

33 Reviews


Mario Evon

Family Medical Center


May 2022

75 Health software for efficient health care.

It’s really an amazing product with cloud connectivity. Patients’ records, prescriptions as well as booking an appointment all are now very conveniently manageable.

In some interfaces, a few of the options need a better description with pop-up help windows.


Health Ways Medical Centre


May 2022

Free but Superb! Too Good!

Finally, there is an EMR solution that is not only free but has a lot of wonderful features and options. Easy to learn and use.

Better options for customizing the reports and charts would be really good.


Spring Time Wellness Center


June 2021

Two thumbs up.

A product designed to suit the medical and clinical records. Efficiently tracks patients’ appointments and also generates alerts.

Search options and auto forms fill capability need to be improved.


Christopher Heart care& Physiotherapy


June 2021

Time saving solution.

This EMR is really good in terms of time-saving. Patients’ records can be fed easily and quickly. Auto alerts and message generation too good.

Wish to have more flexibility in the generation of medical forms and reports.


 Wittels Orthopedic Center


June 2021

Free version so good

I must appreciate the developers for offering so much even in the free version. So much detailed information can be fed and nice reports can be generated.

Few screens are a bit complex but issues generally get resolved promptly with good customer support.


Green Valley Welfare Medical Facility


June 2021

So convenient.

Simple and easy-to-use software.

User guides may be improved for better guidance in case of any problem.


Independent Home physiotherapy


June 2021

Finally a Good EMR Solution

It’s simply amazing. Features like automatic reminders and alerts to patients are superb. An appointment with a doctor can be fixed online with no hassle.

Wish data feeding could be simplified. If a document is scanned, some standard information may be picked up by the system automatically. It would add product efficiency.


Creative Births LLC


June 2021

Enjoyed Working on 75 Health

It’s made my life simple. No more bundles of documents and staggering. Now easily accessible patients’ records and feeding of their data.

Sometimes, while running, the system gets slowed but recovered quickly.


Avril Physiotherapy Center


June 2021

Just get it soon!

I have used this software and let me tell you, it’s amazing. Just have it at your clinic sooner than later to accrue the best benefits.

Some interface outlooks might have to be simplified for quicker and better understanding.


HarlaMedical Center and Clinic


June 2021

Awesome Software for all Clinics

This is by far the best EMR solution which is cloud-based and easily available. Doctors and patients can access it virtually from any location. No chance of missing an appointment or prescription details.

Some parts of the software are a bit complex and better training videos or guidelines are required for its optimum utility especially by newcomers.

Our EHR consultants can help narrow down software options for you based on your price range and needs.

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