Compulink Healthcare EHR System

Compulink Healthcare was formerly known as Advantage Practice Management Software, which has been operational since 1985. Compulink became a pioneer in the healthcare sector in 1994 by introducing one of the first-ever EHR systems in the market. It is a cloud-based electronic health record, practice management, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement system.

Compulink Healthcare EHR system is currently being used by 20,000+ healthcare providers and covers more than 4000 locations in the United States. The software is ONC-ACB Certified and HIPAA compliant. Compulink Healthcare has been designed to serve more than 18 specialties, which includes addiction, audiology, chiropractic, dermatology, internal medicine, mental health, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, OBGYN, podiatry, and more.

The billing module has features like EDI support, eligibility inquiries, inventory control, and more. Compulink's practice automation application has features like electronic pharmacy connection, electronic renewal processing, and multilingual patient handouts. Additionally, it offers revenue cycle management services and consists of a dedicated team of professionals that use a robust system to manage denials, rejections, payment posting, detailed reporting, support claims submissions, and patient's billing.

Compulink Healthcare EHR Price: They offer a monthly subscription. To get detailed pricing information, fill in the 'Get Pricing' form.

Compulink Healthcare EHR Advantages: The software comes at an affordable price. Professional and responsive support team. An internal messaging system which is extremely useful.

Compulink Healthcare EHR Limitations: Most of the custom functionalities get abrogated in redesigns/upgrades. The software improvements do not offer much help for custom forms.

Compulink Healthcare EHR System reviews

Overall Rating

16 Reviews



Oka Practice

2-10 employees

October 2020

Best for mental health specialty

The software stood out easily due to its intuitive interface and unique offerings.

The learning curve is a bit steep.

Dr. Michael

All Island Behavioral Health

2-10 employees

March 2019

Highly disappointing

Don’t have anything good to say. there’s an issue with it every single day.

We have been using Compulink HS in a psychiatric practice in New York for years. Lately, we are trying to jump ships and find a different her system that offers better functionalities and is more specific to our specialty requirements. This software just doesn't work. It has been almost a year since CHS has been a constant pain for our office, no one can get it to work properly. I have lost count of the times we've called the customer service and submitted complaints, even sent a letter to the company owners yet no use. The providers, staff, and patients all are very frustrated with the system. What a complete waste of money!


Drs. Hensen& Perlman, ODs

2-10 employees

February 2019

Do NOT buy

Among the few rare good qualities this system has to offer is the relative ease of use. The layout is somewhat intuitive. It does allow customization but how to do it, is really difficult to figure out. the least user-friendly system you’ll ever use.

I cannot fathom why anyone would use this software willingly or how on earth, they give it good reviews. The software has been a complete nightmare. The billing system is so awful. The entire company is seemed to be run by unprofessional people. They are constantly rolling out new updates for the software and with each update, one thing may be fixed but there are a million new errors that you have to wait for the next update to fix. It's a constant cycle of drop downs and other basic features not functioning then being fixed then something else not functioning. Their customer service might as well be non-existent. Whenever you manage to get access to them, they offer no help and are generally rude and uninterested.



11-50 employees

January 2019

Poor implementation of a promising concept.

The software is relatively easy to use. There is a long list of numbers you can call to get help. Some of the tech support staff is very knowledgeable.

Compulink healthcare EHR seemed like a cool concept from the demo, but the implementation of the software is sloppy, to say the least. There are too many glitches and issues in every section. The support is terrible and never of any help. Their only excuse for no follow up0s is the time difference, whenever they call our clinic is closed. As if one phone call would fix the plethora of issues budding in every corner. The billing module is a poorly designed mess. We are finally considering leaving Compulink even though it cost us a lot with the software contract, it's set up and training sessions for multiple offices but we are not gaining anything from the money we wasted on it either. In fact, it's losing us money.


Sea Spine Orthopedic Institute

51-200 employees

December 2018

Poor PM for orthopedics

The software has quite a few nice features to facilitate easy charting. The people at Compulink Healthcare were kind enough to send specialists and learned training staff to come and help us set up the system according to the requirements of an orthopedics office.

The practice management section is not at all equipped to handle ortho practice. There is no way around it. We had to learn how to make-do with the existing tools but it is quite a hassle. I would not recommend orthopedics to use CHS.


Feed Your Mental

1 employee

November 2018

Promising concept. Needs improvements

The system offers a great deal of adaptability. Their functionality is amazing, with such ease of use. Their customer support is readily available and has been a great help throughout our experience with Compulink. Their billing system is robust and effective. The software is relatively very user-friendly.

Compulink Healthcare systems take quite a while to get used to. The learning curve was slightly challenging. The support staff has proved to be very helpful in that regard as well.


The Mackie Clinic

11-50 employees

November 2018

Innovative and extremely user-friendly

I love the functionality of Compulink. Charting and scheduling are very easy with this platform, there a number of tools to help with it. You get all the data on one window when creating a new patient file. Note taking is a breeze. The system’s quick processing allows you to see more patients in less time.

Fixing errors in the billing process can such a hassle. I wish there was an option to fix the problem yourself in real-time with a self-help guide or something.


Cleveland Sight Center

51-200 employees

August 2018

Cool features. Disappointing functionality

The system is pretty decent if you only use it for basic psych practice or eyecare clinic. It has some nice psych group features, it's a different issue that they seldom work as they should. The software has a selection of some really good features like PractiWatch, SmartFunction, and Patient Action items.

The company made big promises at the time of sale and were quite hopeful but the implementation has been a nightmare and a total waste of money. Nothing works right. The appointment scheduling module is obsolete, there is no interface supporting Outlook. They are very slow when it comes to fixing reported problems. Implementation and QA teams seem to need much improvement. There is a rapidly growing list of limitations which is causing many delays for our go-live.


Choices Therapy Services

2-10 employees

June 2018

Too complex, unintuitive and very expensive

There are perhaps too many options for you to play with. The customization allows you to change the system’s working to fir the requirements of your practice. The layout is user-friendly and the tabs, considerably functional and helpful since we use them a lot.

The software is too complicated. It has so many layers of information and processing which is extremely confusing. Compulink still uses DSM-IV terminology. Incomprehensive for the staff. It is hard to understand and learn. It does not cater to substance-abuse patients. The training program, I feel, did not do a good job of preparing us to use the system. There was a lot of learning left for us to do on our own after the training, which was not worth the money spent.


Campus Eye Center

11-50 employees

May 2018

Unreliable and outdated

Far too many issues. The EHR is mediocre at best. Scheduling module is nice although it doesn’t work right half the times. Billing system is also fairly nice, that doesn’t properly work half the times either. The only good thing is that it is designed specifically for ophthalmology which eliminates most of the workarounds regular ehr software requires.

Compulink could have been a good EHR solution if anything worked the way it was promised. There is far too much frustration trying to operate this system. It is unreliable and inconsistent in its functionality. The support staff doesn’t always follows up on problems. The billing coding is outdated. Incomprehensive reports for regulations like MIPS and MU. We are stuck with this overpriced system because the entire process of switching EHR system with the transition, set up, training and the resources exhausted is too much.

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