CureMD EMR Software

CureMD EMR is comprehensive medical software that combines practice management, EHR, patient engagement, and medical billing functionalities within a unified portal. The cloud-based application empowers providers to manage their day-to-day clinical, administrative, and financial operations. It offers features such as a KPI dashboard, insurance claim management, appointment scheduling, workflow automation, clinical charting, and document management.

The digital platform comes with a powerful lab interface technology that enables practitioners to send and receive medical supply orders from multiple labs. Its technology-driven solutions help providers update a patient’s progress in real-time as well as automate daily, time-consuming work processes.

Users can also connect to thousands of pharmacies across the United States to electronically prescribe medications.Its cloud-based technology makes it a suitable option for small and midsize care facilities. Moreover, CureMD helps users qualify for Meaningful Use incentives.
Key Features

Appointment Scheduling

CureMD’s all-in-one healthcare IT platform offers a robust appointment scheduling module that lets users manage workflows and appointments across locations. It streamlines the entire scheduling process through tools such as automatic eligibility verification, recurring appointment scheduling, email and SMS notifications, waiting list management, and reporting.

Patient Portal

The software allows patients to set up appointments, view lab results, pay bills online, request prescription refills, and receive follow-up notifications via a centralized dashboard. Its patient portal feature helps increase patient engagement and encourages clients to participate more actively throughout their care process.

Electronic Prescribing

CureMD EMR Software comes equipped with a comprehensive e-prescribing solution that connects users with thousands of pharmacies all across the US. It allows prescribers to process refill requests, access a drug knowledge base, and prescribe controlled substances. They can also obtain adverse reaction information and be notified of any potential drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions.

CureMD Pricing 

Monthly subscription plans are available for CureMD Software.Further, the CureMD EMR pricing for the vendor’s basic cost plan starts at $195.00 per month.

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CureMD Demo 

Click on the "Watch Demo" button above to schedule a visual demonstration of the app’s key features and capabilities. The comprehensive CureMD EMR demo will let you assess the program’s core functions in detail and demonstrate how it will be the right fit for your medical practice.

CureMD Reviews 

CureMD medical software has received positive reviews across most accredited sites. Its robust suite of practice management solutions, billing tools, and flexible user interface have impressed many subscribers.
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Our Thoughts

CureMD EMR is an all-encompassing medical software solution that empowers healthcare providers to automate recurring administrative tasks, optimize revenue cycles, and deliver the best possible patient care. Overall, the app boasts a satisfied consumer base, but we recommend you try out the program’s demo version to understand whether it is the right fit for your medical practice.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much time does it take to get the CureMD EHR system started?

Typically, the Go-Live date for small to medium practices is between 4-6 weeks after the kick-off call. For larger practices, the Go-Live date takes between 8-10 weeks after the kick-off call. This timeline is dependent upon the size and scope of the project.

Is CureMD a true Cloud system?

Unlike other systems CureMD is a Cloud system which does not require costly installations and can be accessed with just an internet browser. CureMD does not require new computers, software licenses, servers or maintenance.

Is CureMD prepared for ICD-10?

CureMD is ICD-10 ready and offers extended support and consulting to help you migrate to the new ICD-10 coding standard

Is CureMD specialty-specific? Which specialties are supported?

CureMD provides specialty content and features for over 30 specialties View specialties.

What does CureMD do?

CureMD is an award winning provider of EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Medical Billing Services, designed to optimize outcomes, quality and returns.

Why CureMD?

CureMD SMART Cloud is the most adaptable, accessible and affordable solution available today. It is the only true all-in-one EHR solution today that is tailored for over 35 specialties.

CureMD EMR Software Pricing

Small Organization

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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CureMD EMR Software reviews

Overall Rating

84 Reviews



Private clinic


December 2022

Highly Recommended

It offers training sessions for their employees that are informative and helpful in understanding the mechanism of it.

None. It is working well for me.


Health, wellness and fitness


September 2022


CureMD is a decent software to use. It is highly customizable according to one's practice requirements.



Health associates


September 2021

It was overall a nice experience

It is good at practice management. The patient's data is not duplicated.

The system faces some glitches at time, that is annoying.


Mental Health care


September 2021

Great tool

This EHR medical software is suitable for small health based practices. It is convenient in use.

The customer service is very poor.


Genesis medical billing company


September 2021

Find the best EHR

It is a user friendly software. The scheduling feature is very efficient.

No complaints.

Edward. P

Medical Practice


September 2021

Not for pediatrics

This EHR medical software is cost-effective. It has a simple layout and easy learning to be applicable.

The patient charts are not good.


US health


September 2021

Works great for me

It has efficient faxing service. A good software to use.



Luna living


September 2021

Pretty awful

Note taking is a breeze. Reporting feature is also well organized.

The insurance credentials are not organized and requires improvement.


Robina Corporation


September 2021

High in patient engagement

It has a great user interface. It provides various doctor referrals for a better care plan for patients as well.

The billing service requires to be more neat and robust.


Michigan mental wellness


September 2021


It provides both android and ios applications.

The system faces some glitches at times, that is annoying.

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