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Healow Medical software is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based EMR and clinical practice management software that streamlines Electronic Health Records management. It improves the patient care delivery process. You can improve patient engagement management with its Telehealth features. It has specific tools for healthcare analytics, population statistics, and representation. You can also use customizable templates for completely personalized reports with custom notifications, and reminders. 

It offers structured data review, trend analysis, and virtual assistance to improve the patient management process. It is specifically made for primary care offices, ambulatory surgical centers, health centers, hospitals, and mobile clinics. This SaaS software is compatible with Windows, Linux, and web-based devices.

Key Features

Complete Appointment Management

You can track upcoming appointments and manage them with one click. It automates payments, receipt management, and e-prescribing with integrated tools. Healow Medical offers real-time updates on patients and live sharing of files. You can monitor health charts and manage follow-ups through the software. It streamlines medical processes from patients’ admission to their recovery phase.   

Integrated Patient Portal

The patient portal feature allows clients to self-schedule appointments and automate their payments. It updates patient records automatically and allows you to edit, share, and manage data safely. Patients can sync their applications with their smartphones to enable 24/7 doctor service through the application.

Specified EHR Management

It allows you to attach patient prescriptions, payment statuses, and follow-ups to the health records. It facilitates convenient monthly, yearly, daily, and custom reports with presentation and summarization. It also offers Medicine Management feature for Lifestyle and Health Management. It provides specific modules for kids, mother-to-be, geriatrics, and specified diseases.

Healow Software Pricing

Healow pricing differs according to features and modules. It starts from $449 per month. To access the complete Healow cost and get custom quotes for your organization through customer support, click on the “Get Pricing” button.

Healow Software Demo

To go through a live Healow demo and experience its detailed features, click on the “Watch Demo” button.  Healow does not provide a free version of the software. However, it provides training through Email/Help Desk, Phone Support, and Webinars.

Healow Software Reviews

Healow software has been rated with positive remarks across various platforms and websites. Many users recommend it to others with more than 4-star reviews. It has an integrated real-time activity status tracker for 24/7 health support management.  

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Our Thoughts

Healow Health is an ONC-ATCB Certified EMR and EHR system that provides compliance tracking and handwriting recognition for easy documentation. It offers easy file sharing and permission updates for customer privacy. With charting and e-prescribing features, the Healow app is an all-in-one patient management software for most clinical settings.

Healow Software Pricing

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Large Organization

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