Harris CareTracker Software

Harris CareTracker is a small healthcare facility-specific electronic health record (EHR) and practice management (PM) solution. The cloud-based application allows providers to automate administrative tasks, improve revenue cycles, and access patient information at the point of care. It provides comprehensive solutions in a variety of clinical specialties, including pulmonology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, internal medicine, and others.

Physicians can take advantage of the entire feature set to make their clinics as productive and efficient as possible.

An activity dashboard, electronic work lists, a patient portal, real-time insurance eligibility verification, automated appointment reminders, a billing module, and other features are available with Harris CareTracker software. It also includes lab tracking, electronic prescribing, and medical decision support, which alerts clinicians to overdue follow-ups based on the procedure history and diagnosis of a patient.

Furthermore, the app's continuity of care and communication features aid in the sharing of patient information with other medical experts. Its progress notes and quick text features ensure a smooth patient-provider interaction, removing the need for manual data entry by the physician and clinical staff.

Key Features

Practice Management

The Harris CareTracker app assists physicians in streamlining their day-to-day administrative tasks while also improving their billing processes. Its comprehensive set of PM features enables users to maximize reimbursements by quickly identifying coding errors prior to claim submission.

Furthermore, the PM system works in tandem with a provider's existing EHR.

Scheduling Appointments

Harris CareTracker EHR includes appointment scheduling functionality, which simplifies appointment management for both patients and clinicians. This feature allows patients to request appointments, pay bills online, obtain prescription refills, and communicate with providers.

Billing Administration Module

This practice management platform includes a robust billing management dashboard that supports real-time insurance eligibility verification, customizable front-end claims scrubbing, various electronic work lists, automated appointment reminders, and other features.

CareTracker Pricing

The vendor has not released any information about Harris CareTracker subscription plans. However, user reviews indicate that the vendor provides a variety of flexible pricing plans to its customers. You can contact the company to get a customized quote for your healthcare company.

CareTracker Demo

We recommend that you try the product demo to determine whether the software meets your specific requirements. In order to experience CareTracker in action, click the ‘Demo’ button on top. You can test CareTracker's features by scheduling a demo (click the 'get demo' button on this page). This offering allows you to examine the product in greater depth and see firsthand how simple it is to use.

CareTracker Reviews

Harris CareTracker EMR has received positive feedback from most sites. This system has received numerous compliments for its user-friendly interface, automated appointment reminders, and wealth of PM features.

Our Opinions

Harris CareTracker is a robust EHR and practice management platform that enables providers to improve workflow efficiency and care outcomes. It may be a viable option for healthcare facilities looking for a low-cost tool to manage both patients and day-to-day practice tasks.

Today's most popular FAQs

Does Harris CareTracker Software offer an API?

Yes, Harris CareTracker Software provides an API.

Does Harris CareTracker Software support mobile devices?

Yes, Harris CareTracker Software supports Android mobile devices.

What Languages does Harris CareTracker Software Support?

Languages Harris CareTracker Software Supports:


What level of support does Harris CareTracker Software offer?

Levels of support Harris CareTracker Software offer:


Who are the typical users of Harris CareTracker Software?

Clinical and administrative staff from Start Ups, SMEs, Agencies, and Enterprises use Harris CareTracker as it helps increase productivity and boost revenue.

Harris CareTracker Software Pricing

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Medium Organization

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Large Organization

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