AgilityOM EHR Software

Agility Medical Software is an electronic resource planning platform that caters to a number of industries such as manufacturing, transportation, distribution, and healthcare. Agility medical software enables users to carry out daily tasks with ease and helps users increase their efficiency. The software enables users to provide their customers with the best healthcare by automating and taking care of daily office functions. Agility healthcare software is well equipped with a number of functions such as delivery, distribution, and back-office accounting, e-prescribing, and patient tracking. The software consists of different widgets that the user can add to customize their medical software according to their needs and wants. The widgets help users to carry out functions such as labor utilization, resource planning, purchase orders, and much more all this is done while keeping track of items and their costs and the software indicates whenever the minimum quantity is reached.

Agility Medical software provides its users a self-service user portal which allows users to easily get pricing, submit orders, and keep a check on the invoicing. The software provides its users the option for customized order entry screens. The software can easily be deployed on-premise and even via a cloud-based system. Agility healthcare software makes it easy for users to cater to their daily tasks and automate them.

Agility healthcare software allows practitioners to locate inventory throughout branches, manage measurements, users can map codes to a number of product variations. The software allows requirements tracking for different jobs. This enables users to give their customers exact timelines.

Agility EHR Software Pricing: Agility Medical software offers its users subscription-based pricing plans. The exact pricing for the software is not publicly available. The users can contact vendors directly to inquire about the pricing details.  

Agility EHR Software Tutorial/Trial: Yes.

Agility EHR Software Support: Support is offered through email and phone. Online training is available through webinars and documentation.

Agility EHR Software USP: Labor management, equipment management, time tracking required to perform each job, accurate time forecast for customers.

Agility EHR Software Advantages: Agility Medical Software helps users to save images, credentials, and training information for the staff and contractors.

Agility EHR Software Limitations: New recruits require training for a few days to get to know the system completely.

Today's most popular FAQs

How much does AgilityOM EHR software cost?

The AgilityOM EHR Software pricing structure is not disclosed on the vendor's website. Contact the support team to get detailed pricing information.

Is AgilityOM EHR software cloud-based?

No, AgilityOM EHR is not cloud-based software.

What are the main features of AgilityOM EHR software?

AgilityOM EHR software offers fast charting, whiteboard, e-prescribing, authorizations, drug screening, injury management, billing and A/R management, appointment scheduling, reporting, and standards and compliance.

What level of support does AgilityOM EHR Software offer?

AgilityOM EHR software offers the following support options: Phone support, email support, and the Help Desk.

Who are the main users of AgilityOM EHR software?

AgilityOM EHR software has the following users: small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises.

AgilityOM EHR Software reviews

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