EZDERM is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that has been designed to cater to Dermatological practices. EZDERM EHR is a fully-featured software that allows medical practitioners to automate their daily work. The software offers compatibility to iOS devices and can be controlled or used using iPads or iPhones remotely. The software is equipped with high-tech modern features such as 3D Body Maps that enables users to document client visits utilizing more than 3,000 anatomical locations. The software allows easy sharing and retrieving of data and images within the system.

EZDERM EHR is equipped with a number of useful features like Documentation, Advanced Cosmetic Module, Client Problem Tracker, and much more. The software offers customization where the practitioners can easily personalize the software according to their preferences. Using the image diagnostic feature the users can track problems for their clients using EZDERM. The software also provides a platform to securely keep notes using the software’s note tool.

EZDERM has one a number of awards in the past including the Healthcare Solutions Technology Award in 2013. The software offers its users a completely customizable interface where the users feel free to work ad work according to their own needs and preferences. Every different type of dermatology practices could use the software differently according to them. The software also includes automatic coding which is compatible with ICD-10, CPT, and E&M coding generation

EZDERM EHR offers pharmacies geolocation module which allows clients to locate pharmacies via digital maps. EZDERM EHR’s client appointment reminder module grants practitioners the ability to send reminders via SMS and also emails so that no-shows are managed and reduced to the maximum. The software also helps patients to reschedule appointments.

EZDERM Pricing: EZDERM cost is not available publicly users could contact vendors directly to inquire for pricing details.  

Free EZDERM Training/Trial: Yes.

EZDERM Support: The software offers online and business hours support.

EZDERM USP: Provides its users 100% customization allowing them to personalize the software according to their needs.

EZDERM Advantages: According to EZDERM reviews the software comes with an SMS and Email alert option for appointment reminders to reduce no-shows.

EZDERM Limitations: Their customer service needs to improve and be more responsive to requests.

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